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Camping Bucket List: 27+ Fun Activities For Every Season

Looking for things to do on your next camping trip? Check out these fun camping bucket lists for every season! No more trying to think of things to do or hearing the kids complain they’re bored because now you have great, easy-to-access activities the whole family will enjoy.

So, read over the list of tips for every season, and then relax knowing that your camping adventure will be filled with love, laughter, and entertainment.

I hope these tips help you create a fun experience for your next camping trip!

printable camping bucket list

Printable Camping Bucket List

Make your next camping trip extra fun with easy-to-implement activities for every season.

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Spring Camping Bucket List

Grab your sleeping bag and get ready to camp! These spring camping bucket list activities are perfect for your first campground visit of the year (they’re also really fun for backyard camping too!).

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1. Jump In A Mud Puddle

You can do this anywhere, but for some reason when you pack up, go to your campsite, and leave the hustle and bustle of life behind for a while, jumping in a mud puddle is just more enjoyable!

2. Collect Wildflowers

Take a nature walk and collect as many different wildflowers as you can find. If you have a wildlife guide or app you can identify spend time identifying them too.

3. Look For Baby Animals

A fun family activity is to take a hike and search for baby animals. Great animals to look for would be geese, birds, ducks, and maybe deer. Steer clear of bear and other large or possibly dangerous animals though.

Ask people at the campgrounds where might be popular places to search for new babies, they may have some suggestions.

And if you spot any, be sure to keep your distance! Wild animal babies can be really fun to see, but don’t ever try to get near them.

4. Make Mud Pies

If you haven’t played in the mud lately, it’s time to head outdoors, enjoy the warm sun, and start making mud pies.

Heck, you could make a mud dinner and other food to go with your pie. The point is to relax, get dirty, and create precious memories.

muddy toddler hands

5. Pack A Picnic

Whether you’re staying in state parks and camping, hiking the trails and setting up a tent, or spending a day at the beach swimming, it’s always fun to bring a picnic filled with everyone’s favorite food. When it’s time for lunch or dinner, you can spread a blanket and eat under the beautiful sky.

6. Collect Items For A Nature Craft

If you’re out enjoying the hiking trails or walking around a park, be sure to look for nature craft supplies. Sticks, leaves, pine needles, pine cones, and flowers are all great examples of what you collect to make fun outdoor crafts.

Just be sure you can recognize poisonous plants before picking anything!

7. Create A Nature Journal

When you’re packing for your camping adventure, don’t forget to include a printable nature journal. That way your kids can document the trip, use some of the nature craft supplies to make a beautiful picture, draw the stars in the night sky, and record all of the amazing memories from your trip.

nature journal

Summer Camping Bucket List

Summer is the perfect time to grab the trail mix and take a hike, go swimming, make your own dinner over an open fire, catch fireflies, and sit around the campfire with friends and family while you enjoy life!

Need a few more camping bucket list ideas? Here are a few great options.

tent with feet sticking out

1. Make S’mores

S’mores are delicious any time of year, but there’s nothing quite like being around a fire on a warm night under the stars with a sweet treat!

2. Catch Fireflies

Ok, I know this was already mentioned, but I have a good reason for bringing it up again- it’s just so amazing seeing these little bugs! And getting a chance to look at them up close before setting them free is something every kid (and adult) will remember.

Plus, having a little extra physical activity in the fresh air is sure to help little ones go to sleep at bedtime!

3. Collect Sea Glass Or Shells

If your campground is near the beach or you’re planning to visit one in the area, be sure to look for sea glass or unique shells. With your newly found treasure, you can make crafts, start a collection, talk about related science topics, or just enjoy part of the beautiful world we live in.

4. Have A Water Balloon Fight

If you’re looking for an activity everyone will like on a hot day, a water balloon fight might be just what you need. Be sure to check the campground rules and clean up all balloon pieces after you’re done though!

water balloons in a bucket

5. Make Your Own Ice Cream

No camping bucket list is complete without ice cream! I know it might seem easier to go to the local ice cream shop, but think of the memories your little ones will have if you make your own.

Not sure you want to bring an ice cream machine or blender? No problem! If you’re tent camping or want to pack lightly, you can always make this cool treat ahead of time and enjoy it whenever you want.

Need an easy (+healthy!) recipe? Check out this 3-ingredient peanut butter banana ice cream recipe.

6. Make Shadow Puppets

Making shadow puppets is just good, old-fashioned fun! Everyone from little ones to adults will think this is entertaining and it’s a great way to wind down after a full day.

Want to brush up on how to make shadow puppets before you go? Here are a few easy hand shadow puppets to try.

7. Have A Bubble Blowing Contest

Bubbles are a great activity for the park, beach, or spending time outdoors while camping. If you want to make things interesting, you can have a contest to see who blows the biggest bubble!

blowing bubbles

Fall Camping Bucket List Ideas

Fall is a beautiful time of year. The leaves are changing, the weather is cooler, bugs are less of a problem, and campgrounds aren’t as busy.

If you love camping this time of year, be sure to check out these fall bucket list ideas!

fall camping

1. Enjoy A Warm Cup Of Hot Chocolate

Anything made over an open fire just tastes better-and hot chocolate is no exception. After a day of fall activities, it’s so nice to come back to your RV or tent and sit next to the fire with a warm cup of cocoa.

2. Play Camping Charades

A camping-themed game is always a good time, so don’t forget to grab these camping charades cards. There is sure to be silliness, laughter, and most importantly-memories will be made.

3. Carve A Pumpkin

Fall is a great time to visit a local pumpkin patch, enjoy some sun, and grab a great pumpkin to take back to your campsite. The best part is that the messy part can be done outside on the ground or picnic table!

(Just be sure to clean up afterward…)

carving a pumpkin

4. Make Soup Over An Open Flame

Soup is the perfect food for chilly autumn weather so set up your outdoor kitchen and get cooking! And if you’re really feeling fancy, you could even make dutch oven biscuits to go with it!

5. Play Camping Bingo

Ok, if charades wasn’t your kind of game, consider camping bingo. This game is perfect for all ages and abilities and takes minimal preparation so it’s a great option for those times when you need to keep your group entertained and are short on time or supplies.

6. Jump In A Pile Of Leaves

Jumping in a pile of leaves is the perfect fall activity! Just rake or gather up all the leaves you can find, make a big pile, and take turns jumping in.

Just a word of caution though- make sure there are no sharp objects in the pile and if you live or camp in certain areas you may want to do a tick check afterward.

7. Go On A Hayride

It doesn’t matter how old you are, a hayride is just plain fun! Many campgrounds have fall hayrides, but you can always check the local farms, orchards, or festivals if yours doesn’t.

children on a hayride

Winter Camping Bucket List

We’ve made it to the winter camping bucket list ideas. Now, not everyone camps in the winter, but if you do, check out these cool ideas!

winter camping

1. Make A Snow Fort

The only limit to an amazing snow fort is your imagination! Building this is a great way to get physical activity, fresh air, and spend time together.

2. Shovel A Snow Maze

This is kind of a twist on a corn maze. All you need is a shovel and a little energy and you can have an activity that will keep everyone busy for hours. You can also make the snow maze a little sporty by timing each other as you run through or forming teams and making it a competition.

3. Make Warm Tea And Cookies

Something warm and a sweet treat is a great way to spend part of a cold day. But you don’t have to stick with tea, you could try hot chocolate, coffee, or whatever warm drink tickles your taste buds.

warm drink and cookies

4. Look For Animal Tracks

Winter is a great time to look for animal tracks. The snow will help you search and possibly track different animals as you go on the hiking trails or through the woods.

Just be sure to keep your distance if you happen to find any wild animals!

5. Photograph (Or Draw) Snowflakes

Snowflakes are so unique and truly amazing! If you happen to be outdoors when it’s snowing or out for a hike and have a camera, be sure to get a close picture of a snowflake if possible. No camera? Not a problem! Just draw them instead.

6. Make Ice Ornaments

Whether you’re making ice ornaments to feed the birds or hang a beautiful addition to a winter tree, this activity is fun for all ages and is something that can be admired by all who see it.

7. Create A Snow Obstacle Course

This activity could be a great addition to the snow maze or enjoyed on its own. All you need to do to create a course is use sticks, branches, snow mounds, a snow slide, or whatever else you can think of and make different obstacles to try to overcome.

children playing in the snow

Last Thoughts About A Camping Bucket List

Camping is a fun activity that can be enjoyed every season. And with a camping bucket list, you can make great memories year-round. So, be sure to grab your camping lists and start planning your next camping adventure!

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