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8 Best Portable Camping Cabinets And Storage Options For 2022

When you’re camping or traveling in you’re RV, a portable camping cabinet can make for a much more organized and easier camping experience. Having a place for everything is extremely helpful, reduces stress, and helps your camping experience be an enjoyable one.

It’s also important to have a dedicated space for activities like meal prep, cooking, and storing all your cooking equipment so you can do it safely, easily, and hygienically.

That’s why I always recommend people consider a camping cabinet, camp kitchen, or storage equipment.

To help you sort through the huge number of portable storage options out there, I have compiled a list of the 8 best portable camping cabinets out there right now.

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Happybuy Camping Kitchen Table

First on our list of camping storage equipment, is the Happybuy Camping Kitchen Table.

I just LOVE this camping kitchen/ portable storage space that can be used for so many of your camping storage needs.

Technical specifications:
● Materials: Aluminium: 600 ploy (PVC coated for extra protection)
● Folding dimension: 35″ x 6″ x 20″
● Unfolding dimension: 69″ x 19.5″ x 43.5″
● Design: One main table with windbreakers; two side tables with 3 main zipped storage areas.
● Can be used as a Kitchen? Yes

For a camping kitchen, this is a good choice because it offers windscreens on all three sides of the main tabletop making it perfect for cooking in the outdoor elements.

Another aspect of this product, which makes it on my list of high-quality camping kitchens, is that it has an abundance of storage space, including several compartments, so you can really get organized.

It also has two additional side tables on either side of the main cooking area, which allows for multifunctional use at the same time.

This camping cabinet is made of excellent quality materials, including lightweight aluminum that makes it easy to keep clean and transport.

With its super-efficient design, it both folds up and down easily and compactly.

All In all, the Happybuy Camping Kitchen Table would be a great choice for your camping storage, especially as an outdoor camping kitchen.

PETSITE Portable Camping Kitchen Table with Storage Organizer

The PETSITE Portable Camping Kitchen is another great portable storage product that has many great features to make cooking and organizing while you’re camping a breeze.

Technical Specifications:
● Dimensions: 19″D x 38″W x 31.5″H
● folded dimensions: 38 x 19 x 3 in
● Materials: MDF tabletop, aluminum pipe, and oxford fabric storage bag.
● Weight: 21 lbs
● Holding weight: up to 55 lbs
● Can be used as a Kitchen: yes

What really sets this product apart, is its ease of transport and storage when not in use. It’s a fully collapsible camping kitchen with a carry bag and durable straps making it easy to take wherever you need.

This slim fold camp kitchen is also super easy to store. It can easily slip in narrow spaces between other furniture or items if you’re in an RV or tucked away with other camping gear when folded.

While advertised as a kitchen, it can be used for a variety of needs, including storing folded clothes or organizing kids camping activities and games while still having a functional camping table at your disposal.

The PETSITE Portable Kitchen is a camping kitchen and storage facility that is made with durable and lightweight materials making it long-lasting, easy to clean, and easy to transport.

Suncast Outdoor Grilling Prep Station Table

The Suncast Outdoor Grilling Prep Station Table is great for those who like to have absolutely everything while camping – no holding back.

Technical specifications:
● Dimensions: 22″D x 23″W x 34″H
● Countertop space width: 40″ (with drop leaves up)
● Materials: Resin
● Weight: 28.99 Pounds
● Holding weight: up to 55 lbs
● Can be used as a kitchen: Yes- mainly for food prep. Would avoid camp stoves and heat near this portable camp kitchen.

While this option offers a compact size, it is super durable and perfect for those who have an RV or a large capacity. It is also great as outside storage and table space for backyard parties, picnics, and BBQs.

It has a drop-leaf design that allows for extra preparation space with two side tables attached to the main tabletop.

As mentioned above, this prep station table has two large compartments, which allows you to properly organize your food and cooking equipment. It also comes with an organizational tray to separate items, such as cutlery, napkins, and cups.

This cabinet is made of resin which means it is water-resistant and less likely to fade or deteriorate in the sunshine making this a long-lasting portable storage and camp kitchen.

The Suncast Outdoor Grilling Prep Station Table is a sturdy and steady option, that’s very simple to put together and comes with runners, allowing you to easily move it around once built.

JOOMOO Folding Camping Table With Storage

The JooMoo Camping Table comes with a handy twist.

Technical Specifications:
● Dimensions: 24″D x 48″W x 28″H
● Materials: Waterproof Oxford Fabric + Aluminum Frame with a durable MDF Tabletop
● Weight: 11LBs
● Holding weight: 300 lbs
● Can be used as a kitchen? No

You always need a good table when you’re camping to make things a little bit more comfortable and relaxing.
This table also boasts an under-table organizer consisting of two large compartments.

It’s the perfect space-saving camping storage equipment, serving both as a dining table or coffee table, and somewhere to store extra things. It also comes with two portable mini seats so you can dine in camping comfort.

This table is easy to transport, has adjustable legs, and zippered compartments for convenience and use.

The whole design of the JooMoo Camping Table with optional storage makes it a truly flexible piece of camping equipment you’ll definitely appreciate.

CampLand Folding Cooking Table

Campland Folding Table is a great camping storage cabinet and cooking table.

Technical Specifications:
● Dimensions: L35.83”W20.31”H17.32”;
● Packed Size: L36.81 X W7.52 XH5.12 inches
● Materials: roll-up aluminum countertop and 19mm aluminum pipe frame
● Weight: 10 Lbs
● Holding weight: up to 66 lbs
● Can be used as a kitchen? Yes

Campland really hits a home run in the camping kitchens department. It offers a safe a secure portable cooking station, utilizing a pop-up wind shield protector, making this outdoor cooking station suitable in all weather conditions.

In addition, you get an extra optional dropleaf side tables, as well as camping a cabinet space with more counter space on top and an extra shelf underneath the main upper table. You can store everything from wine glasses to food.

You can use the whole camp kitchen as your cooking area, prep area, and storage area for a number of items that you can easily organize.

Along with its wide-ranging use, this camping kitchen is designed well. It’s truly a pack-away portable kitchen that breaks down into its individual components. This makes it very easy to transport.

While it doesn’t all stay in one piece, like some of the other portable camp kitchens, it only takes minutes to put up and take down and it takes up very little space once packed away. It’s also great if you can only have a limited number of items or weight as it only weighs 10 lbs.

Finally, the Campland folding table has adjustable legs, meaning you can alter the cooking height to suit you – making for a relaxing camping kitchen experience.

PORTAL Multifunctional Folding Camp Table

The PORTAL Multifunctional Folding Camp Table is an excellent choice for a versatile camping table and organizer cabinet that offers plenty of room for storage space.
Technical Specifications:
● Overall dimensions: 17″ L x 27″ W x 28″ H.
● Packed Size: 25″ L x 15″ W x 9 “H
● Individual bag size: 12″ L x 11’’W x 6″H
● Material: Lightweight aluminum frame, Rollable Aluminum tabletop, canvas fabric
● Weight: 14.599 lBs
● Holding weight: up to 66 LBs
● Can be used as a Kitchen: possibly – great for food storage, potential to cook.

This camp storage unit is a great multifunctional table that can easily be used for many activities such as eating a delicious meal, using as a coffee table or as an extra side table. It collapses and is small and easy to transport or to pack away. Along with small folded dimensions, it is also extremely lightweight.

It has adjustable legs as well as comprehensive storage with 4 individual canvas bags that fit into 4 shelves. What’s great about the storage with this camp table is that one of the storage bags is equipped to keep food cool and all the bags can be zipped away so as not to attract wild animals.

""” rel=”nofollow sponsored”>This portable camp storage table doesn’t only have to be part of your camping kitchen, you can store anything you want in the compartments and use your table for anything you need.

Giantex Camping Cook Table Kitchen Station with Storage Organizer

For those who choose to make their camping trips a little more comfortable, the Giantex Camping Cook Table With Storage is for you!
Technical Specifications:
● Product Dimensions 38″D x 19″W x 31.5″H
● Item Weight: 21 LBS
● Holding weight: 55 LBS
● Material: Engineered wood and aluminum
● Can be used as a kitchen? Yes

This multifunctional storage cabinet with a 3 tier storage shelf on each side is perfect for outdoor adventures including your next camping trip, BBQ, party, or other various outdoor activities.

It offers a stable structure, lots of space, and simple assembly. Because it is made from durable material, it is perfect for storing plenty of items such as utensils, food, drinks, dinnerware, or anything else you can think of.

Add this to the sturdy construction, tool-free assembly, and a convenient carrying bag and you have the perfect camping cabinet!

The great thing about the Giantex Camping Cook Table With Storage is that you could use it for so much more than a kitchen cabinet. You could store outdoor clothes, use it as a bar, or tuck away toys so they don’t come up missing if you leave your campsite.

Coleman 2000020275 Pack-Away Deluxe Portable Kitchen

For a portable camp kitchen that has all the trimmings, you might want to check out the Coleman 2000020275 Pack-Away Deluxe Portable Kitchen.
Technical Specifications
● Product Dimensions : 7.48″D x 21.66″W x 40.95″H
● Item Weight: 36.5 LBs
● Material: Lightweight heat resistant aluminum
● Can be used as a kitchen? yes

Coleman Deluxe pack-away portable kitchen has everything you might want for a camping kitchen on your camping trips.

Made from easily cleanable aluminum, it has a folding technology that folds into an easily transportable carry bag/ case.
This portable camp kitchen has many features that make this a great choice. And like many of the others on the list, it can be used as a camp kitchen, extra counter space, or for much-needed storage.

This camping cabinet offers mesh shelves, a perfect platform and counter space, handy side tables, and a really nice feature- a removable kitchen sink! It also folds up nicely for convenient storage.

The Coleman 2000020275 Pack-Away Deluxe Portable is easily one of the most functional and convenient portable kitchen and camping cabinets around.

Benefits Of A Portable Camping Cabinet

While collapsable camping cabinets, kitchens, and storage cupboards might be extra equipment to take on your camping trip, the benefits can definitely outweigh the drawbacks.

Here are a few of the benefits to consider:

Grilling Station

You can set yourself a dedicated grilling station. This means you can keep your cooking and food equipment set up without having to take it down every time (which can be a faff).

It also means you don’t have to cook on the floor where it could be dirty, full of insects, or even wet.

Some of the best portable camp kitchens also come with windbreakers which makes using your camp cooker much easier

Extended Prep And Cooking Space

Having a portable camp kitchen means that you have the facilities and space to prepare all your food in a hygienic space as well as giving you more space to do so.

Camping cabinets also allow you to store all the food properly, making it less obvious to wild animals, as well as being easier to find.

Create An Outdoor Kitchen Or Bar

Having your own kitchen and/or bar makes for a much more fun and relaxing camping experience, and the portable camping cabinets, kitchens, and tables help you to do just that.

To make a super functional kitchen, you could buy 2 to 3 different options to give you full functionality. For example, the collapsible dining table along with the Coleman kitchen mean you can cook and dine easily no matter what size camper you have!

Extra Clothing Storage

While it’s great to be as minimal as possible when camping, you also need to bring spare clothing, and if you have kids- clothing can take up a lot of room!

There is nothing more stressful when you’re on vacation than having nowhere to put all your things, having to search through your baggage for items that seem to get lost, and tripping over shoes that seem to collect right in front of the door.

That’s why having portable camping storage is great for those spare items of clothing you need to bring. Even though most of the cabinets on this list are meant for kitchen storage, you could actually use them for anything.

Protection From The Weather

While we would all love every camping trip we have to be full of sunshine, eventually, you will have rain.

When there is rain, it’s easy for things stored on the ground to get wet and ruined. By having a portable camp kitchen and cabinets for storage, you can keep things safe and dry by being off the ground. For real protection, be sure to put the cabinet under your awning, a tarp, or bring it inside your camper if possible.

camping table with supplies

What To Look For When Shopping For A Camping Cabinet

If you’re on the hunt for a camping cabinet, here are the most important things to consider so you can be sure to be happy with your purchase.


Make sure your camping cabinet has everything you want from it. You need to think about what you are going to use it for and how much functionality you need.

Think about whether you need extra food prep space, side tables, windbreakers for cooking, extra storage space, side pockets, built-in sinks, garbage bags holder, lantern holders, or a paper towel holder for paper towels. Some even come with a spice rack.

It’s important to have all this in mind before purchasing so you will be pleased when you eventually use your camping kitchen or collapsable cabinet storage.


You want to make sure that the camping kitchens and portable storage you’re looking at and eventually buy are durable.
When you are putting something up and down regularly, you want to make sure they aren’t easily damaged in the process.
Your equipment also should withstand outdoor elements such as harsh sunshine, moisture, and rain.


You will definitely need to consider the size and everyone will have different requirements for this. For those who have large cars or big RV’s then size might not be as big a deal. But if you have very limited space and capacity, then looking for something that folds down very small will be quite important.


You need to consider how far you need to carry your equipment. If you are using an RV this is less of an issue, but if you have to carry it a long way then you need to consider how portable it is with how much it weighs and if it comes with a carry bag.


It’s a good idea to look out for camping storage that can do multiple things in one piece. This means you end up carrying less but getting more use out of your camping storage. For example, having a camp kitchen that has a sink, grill area, and extra table space will be more useful than having these in separate pieces of equipment.

Easy to clean

As you’ll be taking your equipment camping, it can easily get quite dirty, so you want to ensure it’s made from material that’s easy to clean.


Last, but not least you will definitely have to consider the price. There is a vast range in prices for portable camping storage and you’ll have to look out for one that fits into your budget.


There is a wide range of portable camping cabinets from kitchens to cupboards and tables made of a number of materials including hard plastic, wood, aluminum, steel, and canvas.
One type is not necessarily better than the other but will be useful for everyone depending on the type you are looking for and how you intend to use it on your camping trips.

Last Thoughts About Camping Cabinets

There are a lot of portable camping storage options and camping kitchens out there on the market so if you’re looking to add one of these to your camping supplies, be sure to do a little research and decide what features, material, size, and price work best for your situation.

While it may seem like a lot of weight and bulk to add to your gear, a camping cabinet can really make a difference in comfort and space.

So, if you’re tired of feeling cramped and shuffling things around when you go camping, be sure to check out one of these storage cupboards.

They really can create a lot more space and help you have a more relaxing vacation in the great outdoors!

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