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115 Inspiring Camping Quotes, Captions, And Sayings For The Outdoor Enthusiast

Do you love camping? So do we! The fresh open air, character-building experiences, and connection with nature can be a great source of solace to a weary mind. So, if you love ending a perfect day outdoors by enjoying an open fire under a blanket of stars, check out the best camping quotes that are sure to remind you of your happy place!

We’ve gathered over 100 of our favorite camping quotes that are inspirational, cute, and funny, as well as a few short captions for quick reading or sharing.

Feel like computers are a torturous invention (like my husband does) or not into sharing on social media? No problem, these camping quotes are also great for a card or note, journaling prompts, vision boards, and can even be used as inspiration to help you plan your next trip.

Ready to get started? Here are the quotes you’ll find:

Camping Quotes: Get Inspired For Your Next Trip

1.”If I had my life to live over again – I’d try to spend it camping”-Elizabeth Gilbert, Eat Pray Love

2.”The camping trips I’ve taken with kids have been the most rewarding of all my outdoor experiences”-David Muir, ABC News Anchor

3. “Camping makes me feel like a hero! It’s an opportunity to be able to do something that not everyone gets to do and share those experiences with my favorite people”-Brittney Garcia

4. “Look deep into nature and then you will understand everything better”-Albert Einstein

5.” My wish is to stay always like this, living quietly in a corner of nature”-Claude Monet

6. “Camping is an opportunity to be heroic- to save yourself, your family, your buddies in a situation that at any other time would have stopped you cold. In camp, even ordinary people can be heroes-Tracy Kidder

7. “It’s good to get away from the city every once in a while and camping gives you that freedom”-Drew Dyck

8. “Camping is like motherhood: It pulls no punches. You can’t be undecided or indecisive about camping, because its very nature means accepting hardships on behalf of everyone involved. No matter what goes wrong, camping makes it right”-Sherry Sargent

9. “Real freedom lies in wildness, not in civilization”-Charles Lindburgh

10. “Wilderness is not a luxury, but a necessity of human spirit”-Edward Abbey

Funny Camping Quotes

11. “Camping is not a date activity. If you absolutely must bring your girlfriend camping, try to leave her home next time”-Unknown Author

12. “Camping is a wonderful way to learn how to spell edible”-Cullen Hightower

13. “I don’t even particularly like camping, but I love having camping stuff- David Antin

14. “The best time to go camping with your son is when he is too old to want to go camping with you”-Author Unknown

15. “I was camping the other day and I caught a fish. It was still alive, so I tried to kill it by biting its head off-Joan Rivers

16. “A camping trip is one of those things that no one wants to do but everyone wants to talk about”-Unknown camping enthusiast

17. “Camping: The art of getting yourself deeply immersed in something without having any idea how you got there”-Iain Rogers

18. “The camping trip will provide welcome relief from civilization”-Garrison Keillor

19. “It’s camping, so you get to use knives”-Brittany Packnett

20. “Camping is not a date; it’s an endurance sport”-Gretta Wing Miller

Camping With Friends Quotes

21. “Camping with friends is the perfect escape from reality”-Danielle Falbo

22. “When camping with friends, you don’t have to just survive, but enjoy each other’s company in the great outdoors”-Brittney Garcia

23. “Camping with friends is a rare occasion where adventure and luxury combine to create an unforgettable weekend”-Unknown Author

24. “Camping with friends is fun because you can enjoy time together and also try activities with a new twist”-Unknown

25. “Camping with friends makes camping more fun because you have people to enjoy the outdoors with”!-Rachel Dreyer

26. “You can never be too old to camp or too young to camp, camping is for everybody”-Elizabeth Gilbert

27. “Camping is about spending time with family and friends and experiencing life outdoors”-Unknown camping enthusiast

28.”The most enjoyable thing in camping is to spend a few days by yourself camping alone”-David Muir, ABC News Anchor

29. “When camping with friends, camping becomes a lot more fun. You can go camping with your favorite friend and share some memories”-Unknown camping enthusiast

30. “When camping with friends, you can always count on each other for some laughs”-Brittney Garcia

Happy Camping Quotes

31.“I peered up through the tent’s mesh roof at faraway stars, faint glitter, giddy.” – Aspen Matis, Brave Enough

32.”I’ve been camping once and I didn’t get eaten by bears”-Ross Marquand

33. Camping is great! You can just go camping and enjoy nature-Mariah Yates

34. “Out here, the stars sprinkle down like shattered glass of all shapes and sizes…it makes camping a wonderful adventure” – Elisa Nader

35. “Hike camping and the camping trip will always be an experience”-Tessa Chuma

36. “Everything I need to enjoy camping I take with me”-Unknown camping enthusiast

37. Camping can take you anywhere and everywhere if you open your mind to it-Unknown camping enthusiast

38. “If camping isn’t your thing, you’re camping wrong” – Mary Roach

39. “Camping is all about the experience and enjoying nature and having fun!” -Chelsea Marshall

40. “Heaven is under our feet as well as over our heads”- Henry David Thoreau

Quotes About Nature

41. “Nature is a wonderful healer, and we need that healing today more than ever”-Unknown

42. “Sometimes camping can be very difficult, but camping also has some of the most relaxing times”-Brittney Garcia

43.”Adopt the pace of nature: Her secret is patience”- Ralph Waldo Emerson

44. “Camping lets us get away from technology and see nature in its natural beauty”-Maddie Kijowski

45.”Now I see the secret of making the best person, it is to grow in the open air and to eat and sleep with the Earth”-Walt Whitman

46. Camping lets you go outside and experience the beauty of nature-Karina Angelica Gutierrez

47. “I prefer camping to staying in a hotel because there are less distractions out in nature”-Christopher Boone

48. “There is no substitute for camping under the stars”-Willard Wigan

49. “The outside is the only place we can truly be inside the world”- Daniel J. Rice

50. “Camping lets you get away from all the hustle and bustle of daily life and allows you to appreciate nature” -Karina Angelica Gutierrez

Short Camping Quotes

51.”Camping with friends is camping in luxury”-Unknown camping enthusiast

52. “Camping is a wonderful experience and everyone should give camping a chance”-Chelsea Marshall

53. “Camping brings people together because it’s always fun camping with other people”-Rachel Dreyer

54. “Camping lets you get back to the basics of life, getting in touch with nature”-Unknown camping enthusiast

55. “Camping at night has its own wonderful beauty” – Elisa Nader

56. “The glories of a mountain campfire are far greater than may be guessed.” — John Muir

57. “The woods are lovely, dark and deep…” – Robert Frost

58. “The farther one gets into the wilderness, the greater is the attraction of its lonely freedom.” – Theodore Roosevelt

59. “Some national parks have long waiting lists for camping reservations. When you have to wait a year to sleep next to a tree, something is wrong.” — George Carlin

60. “And at the end of the day, your feet should be dirty, your hair messy and your eyes sparkling.” – Shanti

Camping Sayings

61. “Camping – because therapy is expensive.”

62. “Camping is sleeping in a bed with wheels.”

63. “When camping just remember, there’s no place like home.”

64. “On camping: don’t let perfect be the enemy of good enough.”

65. “The best days are spent camping”

66. “Good things come to those who camp.”

67. “Life without camping is lame”

68. “Life is better around the campfire”

69. “I don’t need therapy, I just need to go camping”

70. “The best memories are made camping”

Cute And Funny Camping Sayings

71. “I don’t get homesick, I get camp sick”

72. “Camping: Where you spend a small fortune to live like a homeless person”

73. “Camping and beer, that’s why I’m here.”

74. “You don’t have to be crazy to camp with us, we can train you”

75. “Just call me pretty and take me camping”

76. “Donating blood, one mosquito at a time.”

77. “It’s all good in the trailer hood”

78. “Forget adulting, I want to go camping”

79. “Just one more cup of nature”

80. “Home is where you park it”

Camping Captions

81. Good things come to those who camp

82. A bad day camping is still better than a good day working

83. Wander often, wonder always

84. Life is best when you’re camping

85. Keep calm and camp on

86. Camp, explore, dream, discover

87. Camping is my favorite season

88. Like campfires and marshmallows, we’re better together

89. Cold air, dark night, warm fire, bright stars

90. All I need is a campsite and good company

Funny Camping Captions

91. I don’t need therapy – I have a tent

92. It’s all good in the woods

93. Born to camp, forced to work

94. Camping hair don’t care

95. Camping? Alpaca my tent!

96. Weekend forecast: Camping

97. What happens in the camper stays in the camper

98. Money can’t buy happiness, but it can buy a camper, which is kind of the same thing

99. Campers have s’more fun!

100. First rule of camping: Start the camp before you start drinking

Camping Captions For Couples

101. Happiness is planning a trip to somewhere new with someone you love

102. Let’s wander where the wi-fi is weak

103. Not all who wander are lost

104. The world finally makes sense now that I’m looking at it beside you

105. It doesn’t matter where you’re going, it’s who you have beside you

106. We had no idea we were creating memories, we thought we were just having fun

107. Let’s find some beautiful places to get lost together

108. We must take adventures to know where we truly belong

109. What we find in a soulmate is not something wild to tame, but something wild to run with

110. Let’s find some beautiful place to get lost

111. Love is being with you anywhere

112. If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together

113. I want to see the world with you

114. I would gladly live out of a suitcase if it meant I could see the world with you

115. Camping is my love language

How To Use Easily Use Camping Quotes In Your Life

When many think of camping, an image of staying in wilderness areas and sleeping among tall trees with no flush toilet comes to mind, and that picture doesn’t appeal to them.

But when those of us who love the outdoors think of camping, it reminds us of how a simple escape can offer a perfect day of soul enriching activity and great refreshment of mind, body, and spirit.

So, how do camping quotes fit into this?

If you read a quote that you like and just seems to stick with you, try some of these ideas to actually put them to use:

  • Write the quote and read it when you need to rekindle the love of life
  • Grab the nearest cold beverage (or hot if you prefer) and start dreaming and planning for your next camping trip
  • Share the quote on your favorite social media platform
  • Keep a list of your favorite quotes to refer to when you’re in need of positive or inspiring thoughts
  • Use the quote as a journal prompt or addition to your favorite journal

And finally, be sure to use the inspiration to take action!

Last Thoughts About Camping Quotes

Camping is one of the best ways to slow down and create a better connection with yourself, your family, and everything in nature.

Time spent outdoors offers some of the most satisfying moments of life.

From watching the sun set over the horizon to listening to the sounds of a babbling brook, camping can be an incredibly rewarding experience.

Whether you’re a seasoned camper or this is your first time, make sure you take advantage of everything camp life has to offer.

So dig out your sleeping bag and other camping gear, it’s time to plan your next adventure!

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  1. in the last century my wife and I were involved in a lot of groups including the Provincial Senior’s Association Nova Scotia, and were appointed Delegates to the \National Convention in Vancouver. Close friends questioned our interest in driving out there, We camped somewhere almost every weekend to other provinces and New England and invited them to go with us. After a bit they agreed. We went down to the States and drove through there, attended the Convention. and feeling good headed down to Southern Georgia where one of our son’s worked.then headed north through some of the parks in the Dakota’s and others, through Canada to Yellowknife where a Nephew worked, and after a short Arctic tour back across Canada to Nova Scotia again., still camping. and almost 20 years later got together a while ago, and that trip was still the main object of conversation. Camping and all.

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