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6 Best Patio Mats For Your RV

RV patio mats are not only super cute, but they are great for keeping dirt and mud outside of your camper, which means less time cleaning and more time for fun!

Let’s face it, dirt, dust, grass, and mud are just part of the RV lifestyle sometimes.

And more often than not, you end up bringing some of that dirt inside. While it’s always possible to leave your shoes (and the mess) outside, you then run the risk of finding bugs or other critters in your shoes or having them rained on if you don’t bring them in at night.

That’s why patio mats are so handy!

And here are the 6 best patio mats for your RV.

In this post we’ll go over:

Let’s get started!

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After looking at a lot of options and trying a few, here are some of the best patio mats for your RV that we could find.

All of these options have great reviews and stand out because of their durability, design, ease of cleaning, and versatility.

Smart Design Indoor/Outdoor Rug

This super-soft outdoor mat with tightly-woven recycled plastic straws comes with extra durability to suit your rough weather traveling needs.

Speaking of the designs, you are going to live the fresh and cool print that celebrates life-on-the-go just right.


✔️Comes with a portable bag
✔️Features double weaving plastic straws
✔️Safe against sun-damage and fading


❌Not available in a variety of sizes, but the standard sizes suit most users
❌Some buyers did not like the look when reversed

Gertmenian Nautical Tropical Outdoor Patio Rug

A cute and budget-friendly choice, this tropical patio rug is all about bold floral medallion designs and quality workmanship. The Nautical Collection by the manufacturer sports eclectic patterns, while the flat-woven rugs are power loomed with durable 100% Olefin yarns.


✔️Resists fading with UV stabilization
✔️Stain-resistant and easy-to-maintain
✔️No fiber shedding fiber and very long-lasting


❌All the designs are tropical which may not be a design that appeals to everyone

Sunbee Reversible Outdoor Patio Mat

This reversible mat is braided from plastic hose and provides a super comfortable surface while being surprisingly durable at the same time. The surface is easy to dry and clean with a basic hose spray and you can sweep up all debris with a broom.


✔️Prevents fading and sun-damage
✔️A portable pocket makes it easy to carry
✔️Easy to fold by simply rolling it up


❌Some campers may not find the designs very versatile

Mountain Mat Earth-Friendly RV Patio Mat

Amazingly durable and comfortable, Mountain Mat RV patio rugs are woven using extra-thick recycled high-density plastic fibers. The eco-friendly mats are extra-thick, while also featuring 4-sided double-stitched edging to avoid fraying. The breathable weave protects you from sand, dirt, and rocks while letting you stake the mat to the ground during strong winds.


✔️UV treated to prevent sun damage
✔️Easy to fold and comes with a carry bag
✔️Stain-resistant and amazingly easy to clean
✔️Eco-friendly recycled plastic construction
✔️Company is founded and run by a US military veteran


❌A little more expensive than some, but most find it well worth the cost

Glamplife Waterproof RV Mat

Because this outdoor rug is made with the thickest weave available for plastic RV patio mats for camping, it is not going to tear easily. The mat features durable binding on all four sides which minimizes fraying. It’s not only reversible but also flaunts a lovely black and white pattern while being versatile for most settings. The ecofriendly, stain-resistant construction can be washed with water and allowed to dry.


✔️Comes with an easy-to-carry bag
✔️UV protected to last for years
✔️Easy to clean
✔️Crafted from green recycled materials


❌Only available in two sizes

Balajees Indoor/Outdoor RV Best Picnic Mat Rug

This super cute mat has a classic print while being a perfect choice when you need a small and compact carpet. It’s crafted using high-quality material that makes it withstands even the harshest of weather, heavy foot traffic, or sharp pet claws.


✔️Made from Polypropylene thin straws
✔️Comes with UV protection
✔️Easy to clean


❌Customers report a seam down the middle which, in some cases, causes the rug not to lay flat
❌Color may not be exactly what is shown

What Is An RV Patio Mat And Why You Need One

An RV patio mat is a basic mat that you place outside your RV to brighten up the place as well as keep your space from getting dirty.

Basically, it’s there to make you feel comfortable during those RV trips by creating a place outside where you can place a chair and spend time outside.

You may want to consider an RV patio mat for several reasons.

First, it not only provides grass and dirt-free space outside the camper but also works to help keep the insides of your vehicle clean.

Secondly, it also adds charm, character, and a personal touch to your area which helps you feel more comfortable and at home.

The Different Types of RV Patio Mats

Knowing the different types of RV outdoor patio mats can help you determine what you need and want, therefore narrowing your options and making shopping quick and easy.

Here are a few qualities to look for in a good outdoor rug or patio mat:


Very gentle on grass, these mats allow sunlight and air to pass through. They are perfect to use if you’re heading to a campground for extended periods of time. (Many campgrounds don’t want you killing their grass :/)

Eco-friendly Mats

Crafted from recyclable materials, these mats help reduce waste and preserve materials along with the environment. Buying an eco-friendly mat is a small, but a helpful step in keeping the Earth a little cleaner.

Sand Mats

These mats are woven a little differently and that’s what makes them suitable for the beach and for camping on a sandy spot.

Reversible Mats

As the name suggests, reversible mats are manufactured to be used on both sides. When you feel like you need a change or one side needs cleaning, simply flip it over for a fresh surface with a whole new look.

Benefits of RV Patio Mats

Prevent Dirt

Hitting the road or moving around the camp calls for getting in and out of your RV numerous times, which brings in dirt and debris. A good RV outdoor mat works wonders to collect that dirt. It can also keep your camper look cleaner during unexpected rains by forming an obstacle between you and mud.

Add Character to Your Space

Outdoor patio mats are available in various colors and patterns – a good design also adds style and character to your space.


Unlike a regular carpet or mat, most of the great RV patio mats are reversible which implies that they get less damage over time. Flipping them over after a few uses not only spruces up the decor but also ensures cleaner sides. A reversible mat is perfect for those who prefer not to clean all day every day.

What to Look For in an RV Patio Mat

Here are a few things to look for when you are purchasing an RV patio mat to make sure you get value for money with what you buy.

What Weather Conditions in the Mat Designed For

It’s essential to check whether a mat suits your camping environment and the weather conditions. For example, if you are camping in a windy location, you definitely want to look for a mat with corner loops so you can secure it so it doesn’t blow away. Similarly, camping on the beach calls for a sand mat.

There are many that would work for a variety of conditions but this is just something to keep in mind.

Weight, Storage, And Size

The weight or required storage space probably doesn’t matter as much if your RV is in a permanent spot or if you camp in the same place for extended periods of time. In such cases, you need an RV mat large enough to cover a considerable surface area.

However, if you’re always on the go, you should choose an RV mat with easy storage and lightweight so it’s easy to handle.


Where there is camping there is dirt, so consider a mat that’s easy to clean! This is especially important if you are camping with kids or pets.


It is also great to think about versatility when buying an RV patio mat. Don’t simply focus on camping when you make a purchase, instead be sure to take into consideration any other place you may use it- the beach, an outdoor concert, going to see fireworks, etc.


With the great comfort and added appeal that an RV patio mat brings to your travels, it surely is an excellent decision to get one. It’s all about going for a mat that features a few essentials, including sturdiness, good design, and quality materials to choose your right pick.

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