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5 Best RV Awning Lights For Fun & Function

There are many different RV awning lights available that you can hang on your camper to help light the surrounding area and add to your decor, but which ones are the best?

In this article, we’ll go over the different kinds available, pros and cons, and FAQ’s so you can make the best choice for your needs!

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RV awning lights

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Best Awning Lights for your RV

If you’re interested in adding outside lights to your RV or camper, here are a few great options to consider!

Rope Lights

rope lights

One of the most versatile outdoor lighting preferences available, rope lights are flexible, can be wrapped around trees as well as strung up around the awning of your RV or camper, and there are many color options to choose from for fun or to match your decor.

Not only that, but they are also water-resistant which means that no matter what the weather might be, you can still hang your lights out and enjoy them.

String Lights

vintage string lights

String lights are so fun, come in so many different styles, and make perfect RV awning lights!

If you are feeling a bit nostalgic you could hang some vintage light bulbs from your awning, or perhaps you are after a more modern feel and would prefer a daintier modern light.

There are also quirky string lights that might better represent your personality, or if you would prefer to take the camping theme to a whole new level why not purchase some retro camper lights that come in a variety of different colors and will look super cute even when the lights are not switched on.

Hanging Lanterns

hanging lantern string lights

Hanging lanterns offer a stylish, decorative lighting option that could help to create a magical atmosphere with their ambient glow. Whether hanging them from your RV or simply placing them on the ground close to your camper, this artful lighting will definitely add warmth, light, and a cozy nostalgic feel to your campsite.

And, just in case you needed a few other reasons to consider these cute lanterns- keep in mind that they are portable, safe, will never rust, and are battery powered so they need no wiring!

Lighting Bars

LED lighting bar

This lightweight LED light bar is a firm favorite for many campers who are looking for space-saving options with maximum illumination potential.

LED lighting bars are affordable, energy-efficient, durable, and take up very little space.

These lights may not be the most fun or decorative options, but if you are looking for a no-frills way to add outside lights to your RV for safety or security, an LED light bar is something to consider.

Hanging Lights

hanging light

If you prefer more traditional lighting then a hanging light similar to what you would find in your own home might be just what you’re looking for.

These handy solar-powered hanging lights offer various degrees of brightness, can light up about 160 sq. ft, and can be used between 2-8 hours (depending on the light level being used).

No sun to charge the lights? No problem! They can also be charged using a USB cable.

For an even brighter campsite or yard, you could purchase a few and hang them in trees, on poles, from a structure, and easily light up your surrounding area!

How To Choose The Right RV Awning Lights

Choosing cute RV awning lights to transform your space is fun, but there are a few other things you should consider when choosing the right camping lights for your needs.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when shopping.

Power Supply

One of the most important considerations is to choose the power supply that is right for you.

Some people love solar-powered lighting, which is great as long as you have enough energy to help power them.

If you find yourself camping in remote locations with heavy foliage cover or boondocking this may become a bit of a problem.

On these occasions, a battery-powered light would probably be a better, more reliable choice.

Likewise, if you are planning to stay at a campground you may find that electric lighting is best suited to your needs.

Product Quality

Along with choosing the best source of power, quality should also play a big part in your choice.

Getting a cheaper light may seem like a good idea but you may find that it costs far more to run or it ends up not working after just a few uses.

Lighting should be somewhat economical, so if you find yourself going through several packets of batteries in the space of just a few days, having a solar light that goes dead quickly, or light bulbs that burn out soon after changing them, you may have older or inexpensive lights and will probably want to consider investing in a different, more economical and efficient setup.

Luckily, many camping lights are now LED which means that there are cheaper to run and remain brighter for longer so this type of light is something you might want to consider before you purchase.


Some brave campers may think that lighting is unnecessary and that simply having a flashlight to guide you is more than sufficient, but campgrounds can have very dark places.

Or, if you tend to seek out more remote locations- places off the beaten track that are less affected by light pollution (these are of course fantastic places for star-gazing), the lack of light could also become a safety hazard.

After dark, you could encounter any number of hazards (animals, snakes, tripping/falling hazards, getting lost-just to name a few) and risks can be minimized with just simply having adequate lighting.

travel trailer at night

Whichever type of RV awning lights you choose, make sure that they are safe to use near the canvas and can be left on without cause for concern.

If you are someone that wants to use their lighting as a security measure at night the last thing you want to lie in bed thinking about is whether or not you should leave a light on overnight in case it sparks a fire!

Finally, when picking your RV awning lights remember to consider the following:

  • How bright do you want your lighting to be? It is recommended that you look for lighting with around 200-500 lumen output
  • The weight of the lighting and how easily it packs away
  • The battery life
  • Extra features -some people want them to be completely waterproof, some need lighting to be dustproof depending on where they are traveling. Other people want lights that have the ability to be dimmed down while some will want the flexibility in their lighting to either use batteries or the solar power they have gained throughout the day.

Choosing the best RV awning lights really does come down to what you need and want for your personal safety, and of course fun along with matching your theme or decor!

I hope this article has given you a few helpful tips on what to look for when shopping for RV awning lights and you are able to use the info to narrow your search.

Happy Camping!

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RV awning lights

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