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RV Covers: Pros, Cons & Best Options

Are you wondering if you should invest in an RV cover? Maybe you find yourself feeling unsure of the pros and cons or even what to look for when shopping?

We know exactly how you feel!

If you do a quick google search or ask around about covers for recreational vehicles you’re sure to get a variety of answers, so we thought we’d break down the important information so you can decide if a good cover is the right choice for your situation, and if so, which RV cover brands offer high quality, breathable material and supply the maximum protection.

Let’s get going!

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Top 10 RV And Camper Covers

*Please note- most companies offer different types of RV covers for truck campers, toy haulers, 5th wheel campers, travel trailers, or motorhomes, we just didn’t list them all here. If you see a brand with features you like be sure to check out that company for more info.

RV Cover Comparison

Interested in learning more about one or more of the RV covers listed above?

Here is some info that can help you make the best decision for your particular need 😉

Adco RV Covers

Adco Designer Series Aqua Shed RV Covers are designed for moderate climates with high humidity. Triple-layer SFS Aquashed top panel and triple layer designer polypropylene sides with a customized ADCO finish.

The flexible design accommodates multiple types of front ends, air conditioners, walls of different heights, slide-outs, and ladders.


✔️Provides a high degree of security with its strapping system, including reinforced buckles and straps

✔️Built in vents prevent moisture build-up and the cover is built to prevent billowing

✔️Gutter-spout protectors prevent cover puncture

✔️Convenient system of zippers provides entry

✔️Includes 2-year manufacturer’s warranty


❌Shredding, disintegrating or holes appearing on the top is the main complaint

❌Hard cover to install without an extra hand or two

❌Corners require more reinforcement

AmazonBasics RV Cover

AmazonBasics RV Cover offers thick, extended, triple-ply roof material along with breathable single-ply sides, this fits RVs and trailers with a maximum height of 118 inches. Six different sizes are between 18 to 33 feet. Storage bag included.

A manufacturer’s warranty is available if requested through customer service.


✔️Good protection at a basic level year around

✔️Vents prevent moisture buildup

✔️Adjustable front and rear tension panels, elasticized hems

✔️Integrated buckle attachment system

✔️Reasonably priced

✔️ Customizable, secure fit, and easy to install

✔️Zipper system offers access to doors and panels


❌Complaints about material ripping

❌Poor packaging and labeling has been reported

Camco Ultra Guard Supreme RV Cover

Camco RV Covers are made from extremely durable materials that are also breathable, water-resistant, and offer UV protection. If you are planning on storing your RV for a good length of time, this is one to check into!


✔️All sides are made using three layers of non-woven polypropylene

✔️The top has DuPont Tyvek in addition to a non-woven polypropylene

✔️Offers reinforced corners for extra strength

✔️Vents to ensure proper ventilation so mold and mildew are not an issue

✔️Front, rear, and underbelly straps for a secure fit

✔️Zippered entry for easy access


❌Complaints of material ripping

❌Some have reported that instructions are not correct which make it more difficult to put the cover on

Classic Accessories RV Cover

Classic Accessories has many different RV and camper covers with lengths ranging from just below 20’ to 38’. These travel trailer covers are made from PermaPRO Heavy Duty Fabric and could be just the cover you’re looking for to help protect your RV from the elements.


✔️Easy installation, custom-fitted (especially for shorter lengths)

✔️Extra strength but lightweight fabric

✔️Extra protection year-round with PermaPRO ripstop water-repellent fabric

✔️Zippered panels allow access to RV doors and storage compartments

✔️Storage bag can be unzipped to provide an extra 5” of height

✔️Air vents, adjustable front, and rear tension panels, elasticized hem, integrated strap attachment

✔️Backed by a 4 years warranty


❌Complaints about bad zippers the stitching

❌Not wind resistant enough as it seems to rip in sunny weather with high winds

Gold Line Travel Trailer Covers

Gold Line Travel Trailer Covers claim to be the best on the market and it’s easy to see how that could be true! These camper covers are one of the more expensive on this list, but if you’re looking for a cover that won’t rip, disintegrate, and could last for more than one year, this high-quality RV cover can offer superior protection.


✔️Offers a great fit for travel trailers ranging from 14-40′

✔️Made from Marinex marine-grade waterproof fabric

✔️Treated with a UV sun inhibitor to protect against sun damage

✔️Adjustable straps and elastic hems for a snug fit

✔️Vents for proper airflow

✔️Zippered panels for easy access

✔️Endurance Roof Strap System

✔️Features a 5-year warranty


❌ Cost. Many people are put off by the cost of this protective cover but if you’re looking for one that will last for more than a season or two, this cover is a great choice.

King Bird

A King Bird RV cover is an extra-thick cover. Made with 4-ply top non-woven and 3-ply side fabric, breathable, water repellent, and made from anti-UV material. A King Bird cover also includes a storage bag and tire covers. This is a great product package for winter season protection!


✔️An anti-tear design, 2 reinforced straps to protect against wind lofting, and 6 air
mesh vents for moisture control

✔️Has rollable zippered panels on both sides for quick access to doors and engine compartments

✔️Advertised as one of the strongest built covers offering wind, UV, and all-weather protection. Two reinforced straps provide added security

✔️A 2-year warranty is included


❌Some reports of material and straps tearing after a short time

❌Lack of wind resistance (tears easier in windy conditions) and quality concerns.

Leader Accessories RV Covers

If you’re looking for a decent rv cover that is affordable and gets good reviews, check out the options from Leaders Accessories.

Their Premium 300D Outdoor Protect RV Cover comes in 7 different sizes. It’s made of premium upgraded 300D Ripstop Polyester fabric, reinforced by Anti-UV and PU Coating, reinforced cotton PVC lining, and double stitch seams.


✔️Windproof (rip-resistant), UV Proof, soft and scratch-resistant cover – holds up to
heat, rain and high winds

✔️An assortment of straps and zippers, along with adjustable front/rear tension panels
and elasticized hems keep cover in place in windy conditions

✔️The air vent system reduces billowing and prevents moisture build-up

✔️Anti-hit reflective panels prevent accidents when parked overnight

✔️Zippered panels allow access

✔️Warranty periods vary, but a 2-year warranty seems standard


❌The cover is elaborate and may be easier to install with 2 people

RV Masking Travel Trailer Cover

RV Masking camper covers are breathable, waterproof, and made with ripstop, Anti-UV material.
Also included are buckles and an adhesive repair patch along with a ladder cap and gutter protections.


✔️Offers a great combination of durability and features for an RV cover

✔️Five layers of protection

✔️Eight anti-mildew air vents

✔️Elasticized hems, waterproof straps/buckles, adjustable front, and rear tension panels secure your RV

✔️3 years warranty is included


❌Some user complaints of color fading over time

Savvy Craft Camper Cover

Need a breathable, water-repellent RV cover that provides all-weather protection but won’t break the bank? Check out Savvy Craft travel trailer covers!


✔️Durable and thick 4-ply SFS fabric top, quick-drying polypropylene sides

✔️Air vents on both sides

✔️Zippered panels for easy access

✔️Comes with free storage pouch

✔️Adjustable front and rear tension panels

✔️Elasticized hem corners


❌Only one-year limited warranty

❌Fabric prone to tear

❌No ties or straps to secure the cover

Shoal Creek Travel Trailer Cover

Shoal Creek Travel Trailer Covers are a great budget option if you’re in need of a water-resistant, yet breathable cover for your RV.

This cover is advertised as easy on/easy off and is made of a polypropylene fabric that will repel rain but will not trap water and moisture.


✔️Three layer polypropylene fabric

✔️Water-resistant yet breathable fabric to help prevent mildew

✔️Durable buckle and strap system along with elastic corners for a secure fit

✔️Bottom Elastic hem

✔️Zippered panels for access during storage8. Adjustable expansion panels provide a great fit

✔️Air vents to reduce wind lofting and inside moisture

✔️Comes with a tie-down rope system

✔️Storage bag and rear ladder cap included


❌Difficult to find any info for the company online

❌Not as good quality as other covers on this list (although for a budget option it does get good reviews)

Now that you got to browse a few of the options, let’s go over the pros and cons of an RV cover and what to look for so you have all of the important information before making a final decision.

What Is An RV Cover, And Should You Invest In One?

When we mention RV covers, we are not talking about a canvas cloth or the infamous blue tarp strapped on with rope or held down by bricks. While many people choose to cover their campers like that, those are not really the best ways to protect your expensive investment from the elements.

A proper RV or motorhome cover that is durable and snug will offer protections that will be invaluable for you.

Below are a few reasons you may want to invest in a good RV cover.

RV Cover Pros

The best RV Cover will offer you protection from any natural or man-made problems, including but not related to:

Ultraviolet Rays – Leaving your recreational vehicle exposed to direct sunlight will cause the paint to fade, then
eventually, crack and peel due to continuous exposure to UV rays. The same goes for seats, dashboards, and other plastic and metal objects exposed to sunlight.

Dust and Dirt – Buildups of dust and dirt could not only leave your RV grimy; larger particles can cause corrosion and leave damaging substances behind, causing wear and tear to some parts.

Wind – Wind can blow small rocks, twigs, or other debris at your RV, damaging the paint, causing
abrasions and dinging windshields – especially if you live in an area with loose sand and gravel that is
picked up and driven into the vehicle. A billowing tarp will not only allow moisture and dirt to seep in, it
will cause strains on the ropes or cords holding it in place and may even cause the cover to fly away.

Rain and Water Leaks – Rain can harm your vehicle in many ways. It will leave acidic residues that will corrode the sheet metal tops and sides, producing stains, spots, and oxidized streaks and possibly more serious damage if they eat through paint. Covers will also protect your vehicle if it’s parked close to, or under, a structure that water can leak from. Moisture building up can lead to mold and mildew, as well as freezing or cracking at the seams.

Snow and Hail – Leaving RVs without a cover in the winter months can be dangerous, since snow and hail
can cause lasting damage to roofs and windshields.

Other Accidents & Mishaps – RV covers can protect from minor accidents, be it from kids playing in the driveway close to the vehicle, bird droppings on the roof, smoke damage, or a casually thrown projectile (trust us, it’s been known to happen).

For all the reasons mentioned above, and other damaging possibilities, it’s best not to leave your RV or camper baking in the sun, freezing in the winter, or left exposed to a downpour.

Not only will RV owners be spared the cost of potential costs to repair the damage, but a well-protected exterior will also help boost the resale value.

Reasons You May Not Want to Invest In An RV Cover

There are a few cons of RV covers so be sure to consider these when deciding on whether or not to invest in a cover. Here are a few thoughts….

  1. Covering up your RV or camper adds an extra set of chores every time you get back from a trip
  2. Snugly fitting covers for large vehicles with parts jutting out may be hard (but not impossible) to find
  3. Choosing the right quality cover is important. A cheap cover won’t protect your RV properly, making the whole thing an exercise in futility.
  4. If there is heavy snow or debris build-up on top of the cover, it may be a difficult chore to remove the cover safely
  5. In some cases, a cover can trap water and moisture, making mold and mildew more likely

Overall, investing in a waterproof cover that is made with durable fabric materials is a great way to protect an expensive investment from the natural elements, keep costs down, and ensure that your RV stays in tip-top shape.

It doesn’t hurt to protect the RV’s finish and color either 😉

Questions To Consider When Looking At RV Covers

While we absolutely think that getting a cover for your RV could be a great decision, here are a few questions to ask yourself before taking the plunge:

  1. Do you store your RV for an extended period of time or is it used frequently? If used frequently you may not want or need to cover it.
  2. Are you physically able to put a cover on by yourself or do you have help? Some covers are quite difficult to put on and additional assistance could be needed.
  3. Do you have a place to store the cover when not in use? RV covers can take up a surprisingly large amount of room!

Best Material For RV Covers

Ok, so if you’ve come this far chances are that you’re still considering a cover for your camper or RV.

Let me give you a quick rundown of the popular materials used to make covers and what to look for so you can find the best option for your personal situation.

There are several things to consider when you buy an RV Cover, including but not limited to:

Get The Right Size RV Cover

This may seem simple but can get confusing when looking at so many options.

RVs come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. A Class A Motor Home is very different in size from a Class B and both are different from any type of camper.

Before you go out and buy an RV cover, make sure you take precise Height (mid-wheel to rooftop), Length (bumper to bumper), and Width (most importantly, the front windshield and the rear bumper) measurements.

If you are unsure, it’s typically recommended that you buy one size up.

It’ll be easier to secure a slightly larger cover than to try and stretch a smaller one beyond its limits – you don’t want to tear or unduly stretch the seams.

Choose the Right RV Cover Material For Your Needs

Most covers will take care of the typical conditions you want to guard against.

The two most important considerations though are UV and moisture protection.

So, let’s go over a few of the most common materials for RV covers

The three most common types of RV Cover material are Polyethylene (marketed as Tyvek),
Polypropylene and Polyester.

A fourth material, Solution-dried Acrylic (Sunbrella and others) has become popular to protect against UV.

Here is a brief description of each material:

Polyethylene: This is the best choice for consistently damp and rainy climates. In addition to being strong and tear-resistant, polyethylene’s high density, nonporous surface blocks water – but air can pass through, so mildew is less likely to grow below the cover.

Polypropylene: This material is similar to Polyethylene in terms of heavy duty protection, and also happens to be naturally water-resistant and breathable. However, it’s not completely waterproof, so layers of material may be necessary to prevent seepage during heavy rains.

Polyester: Tightly woven polyester has long been a choice for UV protection, but it’s only water-resistant to a limited basis. To prevent water damage, the material needs to be reinforced with a waterproof coating. Polyester is best suited to hot and dry climates.

Solution-dyed acrylic (Sunbrella): Sunbrella is a great all-weather option, given that it is specially prepared for maximum UV protection (using UV-resistant dyes) and for preventing water damage (waterproofing).

When Buying An RV Cover, Consider:

  1. The climate where you live or will be storing your RV
  2. The best material for your specific needs
  3. The size of your camper- to ensure a proper fit

Cost Of RV Covers

Thinking of buying an RV Cover but find yourself wondering what it will cost you?

That’s a question without an easy answer!

There is so much that determines the price of a camper cover, such as material size, features, durability, and more.

But, a good RV cover can run anywhere from $150 to $700.

Specialty covers may occasionally cost more.

Tips For RV Cover Storage

If you decide that an RV cover is right for you, be aware that getting that big piece of material back in the original bag may never happen.

Most camper covers are ginormous! And folding them back up the right way and actually fitting them in the storage bag can be an exercise in patience and creativity.

Instead of driving yourself crazy, make sure that your cover is clean and dry. Look for any rips, holes, or tears in the fabric, and then fold it up as best you can.

Then, put the cover in a clean plastic garbage can or another extra-large container with a lid.

That way you can store all of the straps and accessories right in there too and save your sanity!

It’s an easy storage solution that won’t take up much room and is sure to keep your stress level (and blood pressure) lower 🙂

A Few Last thoughts About RV Covers

When you buy an RV or a camper, it is typically an expensive investment.

If inside storage isn’t an option (which it isn’t for many of us!), then consider the heavy-duty protection from one of the quality protective covers above.

While buying a waterproof cover does not guarantee that your original purchase will be 100% safe and secure, you are certainly going to be miles ahead by buying an RV cover that has the desired characteristics, help protect against the elements, and extend the life of your rv.

It is not a good idea to leave an unused camper standing in your driveway without any protection from the sun, rain, and snow – or to throw something cheap over it and risk causing a mold or mildew problem from lack of ventilation.

Ultimately, you plan to get significant enjoyment out of your purchase of a travel trailer or a camper, so be sure to take the necessary steps to keep your investment clean, safe, and protected so you can enjoy it for years to come!

Oh! One more thing- don’t forget your tire covers!

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