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RV Tire Covers: Are They Really Necessary?

Are you wondering if you really need to invest in RV tire covers? Maybe you’re not sure which tire covers to use to keep your wheels protected from extreme weather, sun damage, and other environmental hazards?

If you’re asking these questions, let us show you the types of covers available and common materials so you can find the best choice of tire protection to help keep your recreation vehicle in top condition.

Let’s get started!

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Best RV Tire Covers

Need a little more info about RV tire covers so you can compare and find the perfect fit for your camper?

No problem!

Here is info that can help you decide. 😉

Kohree RV Tire Covers


  • There is a hook design to keep it secure, even during windy weather
  • Highly weatherproof material
  • Thick cotton wool lining for added durability
  • Kohree wheel covers boast of its durability and long-lasting feature
  • It will not only protect your RV wheels from the sun, but also the rain, snow, dirt, rust, and other damaging outside materials while your RV is parked
  • With this tire cover, you can prevent costly replacement of your RV tires, and it is also safe from unwanted scratches while in storage


✔️Affordable and possible to use it on different vehicles, not just RV wheels.
✔️Comes in packs of 4
✔️Keeps your RV wheels well-protected
✔️Highly durable


❌It is not for those who don’t like the shiny, reflector type material

Viefin RV Tire Covers


  • Viefin tire covers are affordable but high quality
  • Made from aluminum, PEVA, non-woven material that is also waterproof
  • This RV tire cover fits 27 to 32 inches in tire diameters, so there is enough space for adjustment.
  • These black tire covers are made of excellent quality materials that will keep your tire protected at all times, paired with durable, thick, cotton-wool lining with waterproof capability, which makes it long-lasting.
  • No need for installation because of its simple slip-on design that can withstand strong winds and ensure that the covers will stay in place
  • Effortless cleaning


✔️Waterproof material and use of thick cotton wool lining make the tire cover highly durable
✔️Great customer service, plus a money-back guarantee


❌Hooks can be a challenge to use when securing the cover

Kayme Travel Trailer Tire Covers


  • Kayme RV tire covers are waterproof
  • Made of premium quality material
  • Durable hook to make sure that the cover will fit the wheel
  • Highly elastic cover so it can stretch to fully enclose the whole tire
  • Four-layer materials construction
  • Made of PE & Aluminum, with durable cotton material
  • There is also a storage bag that is included to make the carrying and storing easy


✔️Perfectly covers every tire to keep it well protected
✔️The material used in its production is durable, dense, strong, and is made to last
✔️Folds easily and makes storage a breeze


❌There may be some effort required to attach the hook from behind the RV tires

AOOTF RV Wheel Covers


  • AOOTF RV tire covers are created using a heavy-duty waterproof material for tire’s full protection
  • A windproof design with a flexible design as well as nylon hooks for safety and stability
  • Considered a heavy-duty wheel cover that can withstand the sun’s UV, heavy rains, snow, dust, and other dirt
  • The highly elastic edging makes install and removal really easy
  • Effortless cleaning, plus easy storage


✔️Has a large nylon bag for storage when not in use
✔️A 3-year warranty
✔️Lightweight and is well fitted snugly in place
✔️Nice black color with bright reflective stripe


❌Some have reported that these RV tire covers seem thinner than others on the market

TCP Global RV Tire Covers


  • TCP Global covers are made of high quality, waterproof Oxford canvas material
  • Elastic upper seam to keep the cover in place without a need for hooks
  • Thick, durable, and can withstand environmental elements
  • This cover is usable, not just on your RV, but on your other vehicles as well


✔️Neutral color and good quality
✔️Elastic sides resist strong winds
✔️Made of canvas material that will not easily show wear and tear after a few uses


❌Some find the material of the tire cover a bit thinner than expected

Camco Wheel & Tire Covers


  • Camco covers are made of vinyl material, constructed with durability in mind
  • Waterproof
  • Buckles and strap for more security
  • Color and size options available


✔️Corrosion-resistant and can stop the growth of mildew
✔️Available in six different sizes
✔️Available in three colors
✔️Buckle and strap design to keep the tire securely in place
Lightweight and easy to use


❌A little more expensive than other options
❌The pack only includes two tire covers

Yitamotor RV Tire Covers


  • Yitamotor covers offer a 5-layer, highly durable material
  • Waterproof and scratch-proof layers
  • Anti-UV coating to keep your wheels safe from the sun’s rays
  • Hook design with just the right elasticity for a tight fit


✔️Waterproof material
✔️Hooks to ensure a snug, secure fit
✔️Thin and light non-woven fabric for breathability


❌Some buyers may find it too lightweight
❌Requires a little extra effort to install the tire cover using the hooks

Explore Land Camper Tire Cover


  • Explore Land covers are durable and have a water-resistant coating with anti UV capacity to protect against harmful UV rays
  • Scratch proof and long-lasting material
  • An elastic cord is used instead of hooks and ties


✔️Ideal to use not just on your RV wheels, but it also suits your car, truck, SUV, trailer, or jeep
✔️Great price that includes 4-piece in a pack set
✔️Different color options to choose from
✔️The double-stitched seams help limit or reduce ripping or tearing
✔️3-year warranty


❌The cover may be longer for some wheels and hits the ground, which some users do not like
❌There are reports of some getting blown off in heavy winds because there are no elastic strap or ties to hold them in place

Moonet RV Tire Covers


  • Moonet RV tire covers are waterproof and scratch proof
  • Hook design to keep the covers fastened firmly
  • Easy cleaning
  • Different sizes available


✔️Can resist strong winds due to fastening system
✔️Economical RV wheel covers
✔️Well made with strong materials
✔️18-month warranty


❌Some report that the covers do not fit as advertised

Classic Accessories RV Tire Covers


  • Classic Accessories covers are made with a high-quality vinyl material that is water-resistant and scratch proof
  • Offers an easy slip-on feature but is still held firmly in place
  • Affordable yet made with quality in mind
  • Variety of size to choose from


✔️Fits snugly on your tire
✔️Can be used on other vehicles
✔️Different size options
✔️Three available colors
✔️Limited three-year warranty


❌Snap together grommets tend to rip out
❌Some report that the covers tend to run small, so you may need to order the next size up for a good fit

Are RV Wheel Covers Worth The Investment?

So, you’ve had a chance to browse some of the best wheel covers, but you may still be wondering if RV owners really need to cover their camper tires and if it’s really worth the time, effort, and money to do so.

In our opinion, it really is worth it. And here are a few reasons why:

  • UV rays from direct sunlight can damage tires over time
  • Exposure to cold temperatures and harsh weather conditions can cause dry rot and weaken tires
  • Proper care can save you from having an unexpected tire blowout while driving
  • RV tire covers can ultimately save you money by keeping your tires in good shape

Basically, what it comes down to, is that covers for RV tires are a relatively inexpensive investment that will help you save time, money, and extend the life of your tires in the long run.

What To Consider When Buying RV Tire Covers

There are many types of materials used for wheel covers. Some are made of vinyl or canvas and some are made of aluminum, and each has its quality.

When looking for tire covers for your camper here are a few things to keep in mind:


If you’re new to the world of RV tire covers you may not know right away whether the cover will be durable, but this is where customer reviews can really help! Check out reviews on Amazon, Google, or possibly even the company’s website.

Durability is one of the most important aspects of an RV tire cover because you will use this often, and you need it to stand up to the elements and minimize possible damage.


A wheel cover may look nice, but be sure to choose solid materials that are also waterproof and weatherproof.

Give careful consideration to how often you will use tire covers and the climate you live in. This information can be a determining factor in the type of material you may need.

Heavy-duty vinyl material is a great choice but if you aren’t parked for long periods of time or deal with harsh conditions, canvas tire covers may be a better option.


Size is also an important factor. You need to have a cover that can cover the whole tire but not be so big as to catch the wind and blow off during a storm. You want the proper size for a snug fit.

The best thing to do is to measure your tire, that way you know exactly what to look for.


Wheel covers are available at a variety of prices. Typically, the better quality, the higher the cost. (Not always though, so be sure to do a little comparison shopping!)

Check your budget, find the best material for your situation, decide on whether you want straps, buckles, or covers that just slip on, read reviews, and then be sure to shop around.

I’m sure you’ll be able to find the best wheel cover for your needs and price range 😉

Where To Buy

If you’re shopping for RV wheel covers there are a few places you can go.

First, you can look online. Amazon, Camper World, and many other sites have tire covers available.

But, if you’re not into online shopping, or if you want to actually see the product and check it out in person, you may want to go to your local RV dealer or camper store.

Seeing the tire covers in person and talking with a salesperson may be a really helpful option if you’re having trouble making a decision or have specific questions.


RV wheel covers are a great defense against the wear and tear that comes from the harsh sun, snow, and ice. Not to mention dirt, mud, and grime!

For a relatively small cost, you will be able to keep your tires out of harsh weather, protect your investment (because new tires can definitely be costly!), and have peace of mind knowing that your tires are safe to travel and in good condition.

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