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Top 5 RV Water Filters: Find The Best Option For Your Needs!

Wondering which RV water filter is best for your specific needs?

There are a lot of options out there when it comes to water filters for your RV, so first, decide if you are going to filter all of the water you use or just drinking water (that will help you narrow your options).

Then, scroll down to check out the top 5 filters that can help you have fresh, clean water no matter where you roam!

In This Article We’ll Go Over

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5 Best RV Water Filters

Here’s a quick review of the 5 best RV water filters, each of which stands out with some great features and ease of use, while ensuring you fresh and clean water while you are on the go.

Best Inline Water Filter – Aqua Crest RV Filter

Aqua Crest is one of the most popular names when it comes to inline water filters, especially the flagship model which is known for exceptional performance with a budget-friendly price.

The reasonable price, ease of installation, and ability to filter all water (not just drinking water) are great reasons to invest in Aqua Crest when purchasing an RV water filter system.

This inline filter comes with carbon and sediment filtration systems that are accompanied by KDP technology to make sure sure the water in your RV is clean and safe at all times.

The addition of a fluoride removal functionality makes Aqua Crest go one step further and make it stand out among it’s competition.

Depending on the usage, the shelf life of the components is around 3 months, and they come with a micron rating of 20.

Quick tip: If you are going to be on the road and not able to buy supplies easily, are a full-timer, or staying somewhere with poor water quality, you might want to consider ordering a four-pack so that you are able to change your filter as recommended.


✔️Budget-friendly inline filter
✔️Easy installation
✔️Sediments larger than 20 microns are filtered
✔️Features a carbon filter equipped with KDP technology
✔️Reduces fluoride
✔️Filters all water used in your RV


❌Hose extension of the system is a bit flimsy
❌There are some reports of the filters leaking

Best External Filter – Clearcourse Premium RV Water Filter System

A favorite among RV campers, the Clearcourse Premium water filter system is heavy-duty and has great functionality.

Although it’s a bit large in size, it’s surprisingly easy to use and easily connects to any RV hose for clean, fresh water that can be used for drinking, showering, doing dishes, or even watering pets and plants!

Another feature is the construction- this product is sturdy and able to withstand scratches and bumps while lasting for years because of its heavy metal chassis.

The water filter features a two-stage filtration to ensure that you get delicious and odor-free water and an amazingly quick seamless flow of water.

The 1st stage has a 5-micron rating that does the job of cleaning out the impurities, while the second stage filters a micron rating of 0.2. The manufacturer takes pride in their hospital-grade filters, rugged built and the powder-coated super sturdy metal chassis, and great product reviews.

As a consumer, you’ll love the easy installation, clean water, and long life that this RV water filter can provide.

Wondering what this filter removes? This list includes:

Chlorine, all volatile and organic compounds (VOC’s), giardia, E coli, Legionella, as well as other bacteria and contaminants.

In addition to solid construction, this water filter uses stainless steel hardware and durable fittings to ensure a clean and durable fit.

This filter is priced a bit higher than some, but it really is one of the best RV water filters out there to get you totally safe drinking water.

Quick tip: If you’re looking for a filter that can even remove and reduce viruses, check out the Clearcourse Ultra RV Water System!


✔️Great filtration-removes many substances
✔️Premium design with a sturdy built
✔️Rugged powder-coated metal chassis
✔️Very easy to install
✔️Stainless steel fittings increase the durability


❌Some reported trouble installing because you may need to twist the hose (instead of twisting the unit as you install) because the filter features fixed hose fittings

Best Under Sink Reverse Osmosis – Waterdrop G2 RO Tankless Osmosis Water Filter

As the name suggests, RO in the unit stands for reverse osmosis, and this is exactly what makes the filtration method offered by this Waterdrop Tankless RO Water Filter very effective.

This water filter is specifically for drinking water (not filtering all RV water like the first two water filters) and crafted for long-term use, which is why you only need to change its filters every few months.

If you are looking for a filter that runs on reverse osmosis technology, you don’t need to look any further.

The Waterdrop RO filter handles a huge flow rate of 0.28 gallons per minute while offering a great tankless design that takes up minimum space inside the RV.

Another interesting feature is that this unit also uses composite filters that are known for very long shelf lives and are specially designed to work at least for 6 months before needing a replacement.

This water filter is great for families and those whose camping needs involve heavy water usage.

One of the major components of the filters that deserve a mention is the activated carbon block, while a
polypropylene membrane also makes it even more efficient.

The membrane, as well as the carbon block, are highly effective in filtering out the excess chlorine, all the sediments, rust, fluoride, as well more than 1,000 different contaminants!

The contaminants include large unwanted particles, heavy metals, colloids, and several other organic elements that make water unsuitable for use.

You can easily install this filter under the sink in your camper as it’s around 70 percent smaller than most under-the-sink filtration units because of its tankless design.

Waterdrop has crafted the filtration unit with integrated water and electrical circuits that mainly aim at reducing leakage, while reducing the chances of electrical shortages that arise due to water leaks from other portions of your vehicle. You don’t need to spend more than half an hour to get the installation work done for the Waterdrop G2 – simply follow the detailed instruction manual that accompanies the system.

Once you are done with the installation of the main filter system, all you need to do is to twist the filters and pull them out whenever you think that it’s time to replace them.

Getting back to fresh, drinking water is just a matter of 3 seconds for replacement!


✔️The filters last for a minimum of six months
✔️The tankless design saves considerable space under the RV sink, while also improving the flow rate
✔️Integrated circuit makes it safes and reduces, thereby minimizing the risk of electrical shortage
✔️Replacement filters take only three seconds to install after the initial setup


❌The cost is more than some want to spend for an RV water filter
❌RO units remove many of the minerals naturally present in water, so some people prefer to add minerals back in or choose a different type of filter

Best Countertop RV Water Filter- AquaTru Countertop Reverse Osmosis

Nothing can beat reverse technology when it comes to getting delicious and crystal clear drinking water from a filter.

While the AquaTru Countertop Filtration System may not come cheap, it’s absolutely amazing in terms of performance as one filter set can process 4500 bottles of water with great efficiency.

It takes a little space wherever you plan to install it, yet it’s rated as the best for its great compact design amidst the huge list of competing countertop water filters out there.

After all, the little bench space or kitchen counter you invest in for the filter is a good tradeoff in order to remove carcinogens, heavy metals, toxins, and other contaminants from your drinking water.

In fact, this countertop water filtration system removes up to 82 harmful contaminants!

And set up is incredibly simple-just plug the system in and fill it with water. In 15 minutes, you’ll have clean, fresh drinking water.

If you frequently fork out good money for bottled water, consider ditching the plastic bottles and going with this reverse osmosis RV water filter instead.

In addition to the long filter life, easy setup, and amazing capacity for removing harmful contaminants, the manufacturer sells the unit with a one-year warranty.


✔️Offers a very compact countertop system
✔️Filters over 82 different contaminants
✔️Provides clean and good-tasting water
✔️Takes only 15 minutes to filter one gallon of water
✔️One year warranty
✔️Can easily be used in both an RV and in your home (if you’re not living in your RV full time)


❌A bit pricey than some filter systems with similar features
❌Would need an inverter to work on 12V system
❌Strips naturally occurring minerals from the water (although a mineral supplement can be used for replacement)

Gravity Fed – Big Berkey Water Filter

The Berkey Water Filter promises you pure water for sure. According to the certifications of State and EPA accredited labs, the purification elements of Big Berkey surpass NSF International Standard.

The simple yet effective gravity system also comes with arsenic and fluoride filters which makes it amazingly effective for the job of cleaning and filtering your drinking water.

This filter does take some time to process water because it is a gravity filter. But because it doesn’t require electricity, it is a great option for boondocking, rustic camping, or anywhere you need clean water.

While it’s not a fast filter, it isn’t really slow either. A Berkey can filter around 2.25 gallons of water in 1 to 2 hours – in other
words processing a cup of filtered water calls for 3 minutes, approximately.

The easiest thing to do is make sure that the filter is refilled at night, or as soon as you get set up at camp, and you will have plenty of water for the next day.

This large water filter works perfectly for up to six people if it’s refilled once a day (it may need to be refilled more than that if you are in a warm climate or using the water for other things like watering pets, brushing teeth, and cooking).

Filters generally need replacing about once a year, sometimes more depending on water quality or heavy use.


✔️Convenient and portable to use (this filter can be used in an RV, home, cabin, or anywhere you need clean water)
✔️Removes arsenic and fluoride, while reducing other chemicals and metals
✔️Constructed from durable materials
✔️Can remove over 99.99% of pathogenic bacteria
✔️Long-lasting filters
✔️Quick and easy setup and installation


❌If you forget to fill it you will not have filtered water for an hour or so
❌Getting filters on properly can be a challenge for some at first

Why Add A Water Filter?

Even if the water coming out of the hose of your RV water system is potable, it doesn’t mean that it will smell or taste fresh and clean, or that it is free from large particles or sediment.

The quality of your water can vary widely depending on the geographical location of the campground or campsite, if you are using water from a municipal source or well, if you have a clean holding tank and hoses, and the sediment and particles that are naturally present in the water you are storing or drinking.

Wondering if you really need to invest in a water filter for your RV? Here are a few reasons to consider one:

Keeps the Water Clean

Installing a water filter in your RV ensures you always have pure water to drink. Cleaning up drinking water is not the only job of RV water filters – they also work for keeping the entire water system free of all the gunk, chemicals, and organic compounds that the vehicle will take in at different water hookups.

Prevents Clogging

A water filter system can help prevent backups from particle and sediment buildup in water lines that reduce the water pressure you get. Without an RV water filter, gunk from dirty water can not only block the lines but damage them entirely.

Cuts Cost in the Long Run

A system that filters all water installed in the RV is going to save you money in the long run. Because it doesn’t let unwanted elements pass through the lines it can prevent pipe or valve damage. This means that you will spend money on plumbing repairs, while also having access to clean water at all times.

Shopping Tips & Considerations

With so many different models out there, it can be confusing when it comes to choosing the RV water filter that suits you the best.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when you are shopping that can make your decision a lot easier.

Is All Water Going to be Filtered or Just Drinking Water?

How much water you need to filter is one of the key elements in getting an RV water filter that’s right for you.

Consider whether you need to filter all water or if you just need enough for drinking and/or cooking.

If you are looking to filter water for drinking and cooking purposes, you can go for a reverse osmosis or gravity water filter system.

However, if you want to filter all the water coming into your RV, you will need to look for an inline filter or a canister system.

Some may not feel that they need filtered water for flushing the toilet or to shower. But, going for a whole RV filtration system not only keeps the water clean for your use, but can also protect the pipes from elements that can damage the plumbing, including calcium, magnesium, and other sediments.

If you notice dirty water that contains sediment, go for an RV water filter that cleans all the water in the vehicle.

You could always add a reverse osmosis or gravity water filter if you want extra filtered drinking water 😉

Frequency Of Use

When shopping for the best RV water filter for your needs, consider how often it will actually be used.

A full-time camper could definitely have different needs and requirements than someone that camps a few times per year. And if you are a frequent off-grid traveler or boondocking, you need filters that are efficient in getting rid of harmful microorganisms and bacteria as well as using very little (if any) electricity.

Contaminants Filtered

To understand what kind of contaminants are filtered by the system, you need to check the micron rating of the RV water filter. The micron rating determines the size of the particles that the filter lets pass through. Particles or contaminants that accumulate in your RV water supply are measured in microns. The smaller the micron rating, the higher is the number of particles the water filter keeps out.

In addition to microns, be sure that the filter you choose will also filter out other undesirable contaminants such as chlorine, arsenic, fluoride, bacteria, or even viruses.

Not all filters have the same abilities so be sure to check that carefully before making a final decision.

Ease of Installation

It’s essential to choose a water filter that is easy to install (unless you have a plumber or professional handy 😉 ).

Before buying, be sure to check and see if the water filter you choose will come with a detailed instruction manual or instructions.

Most will have directions included or a customer service number, but making sure that proper instructions are included can save you time, money, and a massive headache!

Filter Size

The size and weight of the filter cartridge and container make a difference in the amount of water the system can filter so it is definitely something to consider.

Large RV water filters call for more space and can be quite bulky, so you need to make sure you have enough space for them while you travel.

Overall Lifespan and How Often the Filter Needs to be Changed

RV water filtration systems need to have the filters changed periodically so it’s important to keep in mind how often this is required when buying your filter. Some brands suggest changing the filters around 3-12 months, and some long-lasting models don’t need to changed for a year. It all depends on the type of filter you choose, how often you use it, and the quality of the water being filtered.


Budget is surely a major factor that plays a role in purchasing an RV water filter. Once you determine a price range (along with how much water you need to filter) you will have a more narrow list of options to choose from.

Final Thoughts

Finding the best RV water filter takes a little time to figure out exactly what you want and depends a great deal on your individual needs such as the number of people traveling, the space you are willing to dedicate to a water filter, the quantity (and quality) of water you are looking to filter, as well as the budget that you have set to make the purchase.

Keeping all of that in mind will help you find exactly what you need and ensures that you will have a convenient source of safe water to drink and healthy travels!

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