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50+ Fun Valentine’s Day Printable Games to Enjoy with Family and Friends

Are you searching for fun and memorable activities to do with your class, church group, or family? Look no further – we’ve got the perfect solutions! With these 50+ entertaining Valentine’s Day printable games, your celebration is sure to be filled with joyous laughter, thrilling competition, and unforgettable memories!

From trivia questions about love to scavenger hunts, these Valentine’s Day printable games have something for everyone! So gather your family and friends, print out the games, and get ready to have heart-filled fun this Valentine’s Day!

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Fun Games For Valentine’s Day

When you need a fun activity or games that are great for adults and kids alike, try some of these printable Valentine’s Day games.

They will have your group laughing, competing, and having a blast together!

1. Valentine’s-Themed Taboo

This classic game gets a Valentine’s Day makeover with all things sweet.

Get the group to guess words related to love, hearts, and romance without saying any of the taboo words listed on the card!

This is appropriate for all ages but younger kids will need a little help if they’re not reading just yet.

This game is so much fun for family game night!

2. Scattergories (Valentine’s style!)

Grab this cute game with a Valentine’s Day twist!

Roll the dice, set the timer, and do your best to think of a word or short phrase that fits the description and begins with the letter rolled.

After time runs out you can see who came up with the most clever answers.

3. Selfie Scavenger Hunt

Can you find everything on the list and take the best selfie? This hilarious scavenger hunt is a great Valentine’s Day game to play in teams or each person for themselves and is great for younger kids (with some assistance), older kids, or even adults.

This photo scavenger hunt is delivered as an instant download so you can print as many copies as you need.

4. Valentine’s-Themed Sudoku

For an exciting spin on a classic favorite, try out this great activity!

Valentine’s sudoku is a fun and challenging game that will have people of all ages competing.

It’s perfect for those who love puzzles and want something new to try on Valentine’s Day.

5. Gnome Bingo

Be sure to add Gnome Bingo to your list of must-have games for kids because this popular game is just fun!

The cute Valentine bingo cards are great for small class parties, a homeschool get-together, or a family night.

Just print out the cards, grab candy hearts, little pieces of paper, or something to cover the pictures after they are called, and let the fun begin.

6. Coloring Pages & Word Games

This is a great little bundle of activities that kids love!

The pages are educational but fun and can be a great addition to any Valentine’s Day party or gathering.

Here are the pages included in this bundle:

  • Decorate the hearts
  • Color my heart
  • Word search
  • Roll and color
  • Heart pairs
  • Color by number
  • ABC order
  • Fill in the box
  • Scattergories
  • Word scramble
  • Valentine A-Z
  • Crack the code

There is also an answer key included with the download.

7. I-Spy & Picture Games

Printable Valentine’s Day games are sure to create some laughs!

These activities can be used for a party, or even just to keep the kids entertained.

Here are some of the I-spy and picture game activities included in this bundle:

  • Valentine’s Day I-spy
  • Spot the difference
  • Picture game (guess the word)
  • Pictionary

While this might seem like games for younger ones, my older kids loved them too, so don’t forget to make extra copies for the big kids too!

8. Matching & Counting Valentine Games

This set of Valentine party games is a fun one for the younger crowd.

It has everything you need for a great day of educational activity and entertainment.

In this bundle, you’ll find these fun Valentine games:

  • Match the color
  • Match the object
  • Match the hearts
  • Matching game
  • Count the hearts

Pair this bundle with the next set and you’ve got enough printables to keep them busy and learning all week!

9. What Comes Next?

Like the printable games in the previous group, these are geared toward kids around preschool or kindergarten age.

There’s a great mix of thinking activities and Valentine’s Day fun in this bundle.

Inside you’ll find these activities:

  • What comes next
  • Connect the dots
  • Heartstring
  • Trace the hearts
  • Mystery picture

If you’re looking for games even adults want to play, check out the trivia, quizzes, and riddles below.

10. Valentine’s Day Trivia, Quizzes, & Riddles

The questions and puzzles will get kids and adults alike thinking, laughing, and having a good time!

Activities in this set include:

  • Valentine’s trivia
  • Valentine’s quiz
  • Is it a sentence?
  • Famous couples
  • Valentine riddles

In addition to the games and activities, an answer key is included in this bundle.

So grab these Valentine’s Day games and activities, print them out, and enjoy some quality family time on Valentine’s Day!

11. Valentine’s Day Games For Groups

The Valentine’s games in this bundle are the perfect addition to add to your party ideas list because they work for big groups or small!

Here’s what’s included:

  • Tic tac toe
  • Would you rather?
  • Valentine scavenger hunt
  • Never have I ever…
  • Find someone who…
  • Most likely to…
  • Conversation cards
  • Roll & cover

The games in this bundle are fun to play in groups so start searching for your players and have the best Valentine’s Day party yet!

12.50-Page Valentine’s Activity Bundle

Ok, this is the big one!

It’s a huge bundle of super fun Valentine’s Day activities the whole family (or class!) will love!

It’s every single game bundle listed above.

This bundle includes all printables listed from #6- #11.

Yep, you read that right, from a Valentine’s Day I-spy game to a scavenger hunt and everything in between.

The games range from super easy for the youngest players to games teens and adults will enjoy so you can create a Valentine’s party to remember!

Printable Valentine’s Day Games Wrap-Up

Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be all about fancy dinners, romantic movies, and expensive gifts.

It can also be a time for family fun!

With these printable Valentine’s Day games, you can create an atmosphere of love and laughter without breaking the bank!

There are plenty of activities here to keep everyone entertained and having a great time!

Happy Valentine’s Day ?

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