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Entertaining Printable Campfire Games For The Whole Family

Camping is a great way to spend time in nature and enjoy the company of friends or family. But, if you want to add to the fun (or you experience bad weather) and need easy-to-pack and quick-to-set up activities, here are 12 printable campfire games the whole family will love!

1. Camping Charades

This old game with a camping twist is perfect for children and adults alike.

It’s easy to play and so much fun for everyone.

You’ll Need

  1. printable charades cards
  2. scissors
  3. a bowl, cup, hat, or something to hold the cards after they’re cut
  4. something to write with and a piece of paper to keep score

How To Play Camping Charades

1. Print and cut out the camping charade cards

2. Decide if you will play on teams or if it will be every man, woman, and child for themselves

3. Place all of the cards into a bowl or hat, and choose the first person to be the actor

4. The player draws a card and reads it to themself, then act it out for everyone to guess

The person (or team) with the most correct answers at the end wins!

If you have young kids that can’t read yet (or adult non-readers) they can still play this fun game!

One of the other players (from the other team) will just need to read the word and whisper it to the actor.

2. Camping Taboo

Camping Taboo is a camping-themed version of an old favorite!

This campfire game is a lot of fun, especially if you’re playing with people who have never played before.

There are some hilarious moments, and it’s always a good time!

You’ll Need

  1. printable Camping Taboo cards
  2. something to hold the cards after they’re cut
  3. scissors
  4. a pen/pencil and a piece of paper to keep score

How To Play Camping Taboo

  1. Print and cut out the camping taboo cards
  2. Next, form small groups
  3. Each group chooses one player to blindly pick one of the taboo cards. The player shows the card to the opposing teams
  4. The player then describes the guess word to their team without using any of the forbidden words(or related words).
  5. The other teams must watch to make sure no forbidden words, gestures or sounds, or imitations are used
  6. If the guess word is successfully guessed, that team is awarded 1 point
  7. The team with the most points at the end wins the game!

3. Camping Selfie Scavenger Hunt

Are you planning a camping trip with a group of teens or adults?

If so, this is the game for you!

You’ll Need

  1. printable selfie scavenger hunt
  2. cell phone
  3. friends that want to have fun

How Complete A Camping Selfie Scavenger Hunt

  1. Print a scavenger hunt list for everyone in the group
  2. Decide whether players want to form groups or go it alone
  3. Set a time limit for the game
  4. Begin the hunt for each item on the list and take a selfie with or near the item when you find it
  5. Mark off the items
  6. Get a point for each item that is found within the time limit
  7. To share the excitement, be sure to make a folder for later or share it with friends or family on social media

Remember, each task must be completed with a selfie.

Some of them will be easier to accomplish than others but that’s part of the fun because you’ll be challenged to interact with other campers, explore your creative side, get out into nature, and enjoy the fresh air.

The more involved and creative you are, the more fun it is!

4. Camping Bingo

If you are looking for printable games for your next camping trip, don’t forget about Camping Bingo.

This is one of our favorite games and it’s perfect for younger kids that aren’t reading yet.

You’ll Need

  • printable bingo cards
  • calling cards sheet
  • scissors
  • container for calling cards
  • something to cover the pictures on the bingo cards (beans, candy, pieces of paper)

How To Play Camping Bingo

This fun game is easy to play and the perfect way to spend an evening together or enjoy a rainy afternoon.

So here’s how to get started…

  1. Cut the calling cards out (if you don’t want to cut them out you can just cover them with a piece of paper as you call them out)
  2. Hand out the cards or have each player choose their own
  3. When everyone is ready begin calling out the pictures
  4. If a player has the picture on their bingo card they will need to cover it
  5. The first player to cover all pictures in one row calls out “BINGO!” and they are the winner of that round
  6. After a player wins, it is time to clear the cards and begin a new round
  7. Players can keep the last card they had or draw a new one
  8. Then the game starts over

Be sure to grab this printable and you’ll have even more fun around the campfire on a beautiful night while you create great summer memories!

5. This or That (Would You Rather…?)

Have a big group or camping with new people?

This Or That is great for all ages and one of the best camping games if you’re looking for a fun icebreaker.

It can also be an interesting way to learn more about the people in your circle!

You’ll Need

How To Play This Or That (Would You Rather?)

  1. Print your fun camping game
  2. Pass one page to each player
  3. Each player chooses their preference for the questions
  4. After everyone is done, one person reads the questions and everyone compares their answers

Get ready to sit around the fire, discuss ideas, learn more about your camping partners, and laugh because this game is so much fun!

6. Camping Word Scramble

Here’s a game that adults and kids love!

A camping word scramble is perfect if you have a little free time or want to have a quiet rest time.

This game can be done alone or as a competition.

You’ll Need

How To Do A Camping Word Scramble

There are a few ways you can enjoy a word scramble….

  1. Print out the word scramble and unscramble the list of camping words on your own.
  2. Make it a game and go up against someone else (or form teams) to unscramble the words as fast as you can and see who can finish first.

Grab your pencils and your thinking caps, this game is great for children and adults alike ( as long as the kids are able to read).

7. Memory

Camping-themed memory is a classic game that can be played anywhere, and is perfect for a family camping trip.

You’ll Need

How To Play Camping-Themed Memory

  1. Print off your memory cards
  2. Laminate the cards (not essential, but recommended)
  3. Place all of the cards in rows face down on a table or hard surface
  4. The first player chooses two cards to flip over
  5. If the player chooses two matching cards they get another turn
  6. If the player does not choose matching cards, the cards are turned over and the next person takes a turn
  7. The player with the most matches at the end wins!

Camping memory is a fun family activity, especially if you have young children that aren’t reading yet.

8. Camping Word Search

Word searches are popular printable camping games and for good reason! A word search can be done alone or with others and is excellent for the times when kids (or parents!) need a quiet activity.

You’ll Need

How To Enjoy A Camping Word Search

Word searches are pretty easy to do. You just look for the hidden words, circle them, and then cross the word off at the bottom of the page.

Can you search out and find all of the words?

9. Camping Themed Mazes

These mazes are a bit more challenging than a word search but still make for excellent camping games for kids.

A game perfect for younger and older kids when you need a quiet activity!

You’ll need:

How To Play A Camping Maze

  1. Print your maze pages
  2. Choose which maze you want to do first
  3. Start at the beginning of the maze and make your way to the end!

10. Minute To Win It

This is one of the best games for family camping trips because it can be played with any number of people.

It’s the perfect summer game for those times when you’re hanging out around the campfire or when the kids need something active to do.

You’ll Need

How To Play

  1. Each player will have a minute to complete each task listed
  2. Once the timer goes off you MUST STOP where you are at
  3. Write down how the player did on the question sheets
  4. The ones with the highest number, distance, etc. will win that task.
  5. At the end of the game, count each player’s total wins.

Each task is worth a point.

The one with the highest is the Minute To Win It Camping Edition Campion.

11. Camping Scattergories

Can you get your team members to guess the camping-related word at the top of the card without saying any of the “Taboo” or forbidden words?

This hilarious camping taboo game is perfect for sitting around the campfire with friends, as a family game, or as a fun activity for kids that need something to do.

You’ll Need

How To Play Camping Taboo

  1. Work together in small groups
  2. Each group chooses one player to blindly pick one of the Taboo cards
  3. The player then shows the card to the opposing team
  4. The player describes the guess word to their teammates without using the forbidden or related words
  5. The other teams make sure that there are no forbidden words, gestures, sounds, or imitations used
  6. If teammates successfully guess the word, 1 point is awarded

The team with the most points at the end wins the game.

This fun word game is great for kids, teens, and adults.

The entire group is sure to love this one!

12. Campfire Tales Storytelling Game

Telling a story around a campfire is a classic activity and one most fun campfire games.

Tell cute, scary, funny, or just plain silly stories- set your imagination free and let it run wild!

You can take your stories in whatever direction your group decides.

You’ll Need

How To Use Camping Story Cards

  1. One person picks a card out of a bag or bowl (or another container)
  2. Then they must come up with a sentence or two using the item on that card
  3. The story would then continue to the next person (who would pick a card and come up with their sentence)

This would continue for as long as you can keep the story going.

The more creative, silly, or outrageous the better!  

But, feel free to use the cards in whatever way works best for you. 

Other great ideas for using story cards:

  • As prompts for writing exercises 
  • To stimulate creative thinking 

Printable Campfire Games Wrap-Up

We hope you enjoyed our roundup of printable campfire games!

These camping-themed games are perfect for both kids and adults and are sure to create lasting memories.

So, next time you’re planning a vacation, be sure to pack some of these fun games to play around the campfire.

Happy camping!

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