Christmas taboo game

Christmas Taboo Game: A Fun Way to Get the Family Together This Holiday Season

Looking for a way to get the family together this holiday season? Try playing the Christmas taboo game! This is a fun, family-friendly game that will have everyone laughing and enjoying themselves. In this article, we will discuss how to play the game and some of the rules that you need to follow. We will also provide a few tips to make it even more enjoyable for your family. So, what are you waiting for? Get ready to have some fun with Christmas taboo!

Christmas Forbidden Words Game Objective

The Christmas taboo game is played with a group of people, this could be friends, family, or even co-workers at your office Christmas party.

The goal of the game is to guess the correct word or phrase that is written on the card.

However, there are certain words or phrases on the game cards that are taboo words and cannot be said.

If the clue giver says the main word or a taboo word, then their team will not receive any points and the other team will get to take their turn.

The game can be played with two or more teams, and each team will take turns trying to guess the correct Christmas words or phrases.

How To Prepare

Before you gather your team members and the game play begins, you will need to:

  1. grab your printable Christmas Taboo cards from our Etsy store (they are an instant download after purchase)
  2. print the game
  3. cut out the taboo game cards
  4. put all taboo cards in a bowl, hat, or another container
  5. Gather your Christmas party game participants and get started!

*Helpful tip- if you laminate the Christmas Taboo game cards they will last much longer and you will be able to play the game for more than one party!

How To Play

To start the game, one team member will draw a card from the deck and then read the word or phrase aloud to their team.

This group has 1 minute to guess the correct word or phrase. If they cannot guess it within the time limit, then they will lose their turn and the next team will get to go.

If a person on the team guesses the word or phrase correctly, then they will earn 1 point. The first team to reach 10 points wins the game!

Alternative Game Rules

Feel free to change the rules as needed to accommodate the players.

For instance, if there are young kids, you may want to increase the time limit allowed or have an adult help them explain or describe the taboo word.

Ready to give the gifts of joy and togetherness, and enjoy a night of laughter?

Then grab the Christmas version of this hilarious game!

Christmas Taboo Game

If you’re looking for fun Christmas games, you’ll definitely want to add this one to your list!

Let me show you what’s included….

1.6 letter-sized sheets of forbidden word cards (includes over 50 cards!)

2.6 sheets of blank cards so you can create your own

3. game instructions

As you can see from the pictures, you’ll have words like Jesus, winter, Santa, toys, lights, snow, Mary, reindeer, tree, and other popular Christmas-related words or phrases that you will have to describe without using the forbidden words.

Some of the Christmas taboo game cards are easy to describe, and some are more difficult-but that’s what makes this game so much fun and perfect for all ages!

Forbidden Words Game FAQs

1. How long does the game last?

The game can last for as long as you want-usually about 30 minutes to 1 hour.

2. What is the minimum/maximum number of players?

The game can be played with 2 or more people.

3. How do you win the game?

The first team to reach 10 points wins the game!

4. What is the age range for this game?

This game is appropriate for ages 8 and up but younger kids can play with some assistance.

5. Do I need to print out the game?

Yes, you will need to print out the game sheets. We recommend printing on cardstock or laminating the sheets for durability.

6. What other materials do I need?

You will need a timer (a phone or kitchen timer works great!) and something to keep score.

7. Can I play this game more than once?

Yes! The game can be played multiple times (especially if you laminate the cards)

8. What if I have issues with the download or printing?

All of the directions will be given after purchase but if you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please reach out to us through Etsy or email us at [email protected].

Christmas Taboo Game Wrap Up

This is such a fun game to play with those you love to spend time with during the holiday season!

It’s great for kids and adults alike, and it can be played in large or small groups.

So, if you’re looking for a way to get everyone together, create amazing memories, and maybe even start a new tradition, try playing the Christmas taboo game.

You won’t be disappointed!

Merry Christmas from our family to yours ?

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