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RV Shower Curtain: Cute Options For A Quick Bathroom Update

When you buy a camper, a shower curtain may not be on the top of your list of priorities. But, sooner or later you will want or need a replacement. So, if that’s you, and you’re wondering where to find the cutest options, which material is best, or even how to make your own, you’ve come to the right place.

Here are the 15 best RV shower curtain options that will transform the look of your bathroom while keeping the water in the shower and off the floor!

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Best RV Shower Curtain Options

When shopping for a shower curtain for your RV there are a few things to consider, and style should definitely be one of them.

You want to keep your camper and shower space clean and free from moisture, but definitely in a stylish way!

So, if you’re in the market for a new curtain check out the camping-related options below.

Camper Themed Shower Curtains

Just looking at these curtains makes you want to go camping! Choose your favorite and create a cute, stylish, or comfortable space.

Camper RV Shower Curtain for Travel Trailer Bathroom

This cute farmhouse camping rules shower curtain features a number of camping and camper quotes. It is a lightweight shower curtain that, is soft to the touch and comes in a variety of sizes so you can choose the best fit. The sizes are 36X72 inches; 47X64 inches; 60X72 inches; 72X72 inches.

The Lakeside Collection Live Love Camp Bathroom Shower Curtain

This Live Love Camp shower curtain features a quote along with a cute truck pulling a trailer. It is semi-neutral in color and includes beige, grey, green, and blues. It would be super cute in an RV bathroom. It has a 12 hole grommet top and is available in a standard size of 36X72″.

Mountain Moon Forest Curtain

The Mountain Moon Forest curtain is black and white and features the quote ‘life is better in a camper’. This curtain is polyester, not PVC, and is shorter and more narrow than average to fit perfectly in a camper or RV with the size: 64″L x 47″W. This set also includes 12 curtain hooks.

Camper RV Shower Curtains

This Happy Camper shower curtain features mountains, a camper, and tress on a white background. This is a smaller shower curtain that is easy to hang and will fit nicely in an RV bathroom at 47”W X 64”L. It also includes curtain hooks.

Happy Camper RV Shower Curtain

This Happy Camper shower curtain features a buffalo plaid checkered camper with trees. And with its smaller size, it could be suitable for RV bathrooms at 47X64 Inches. You can also choose to have a grey color or multicolor option.

Wildlife And Outdoor Themed Shower Curtains

For those who go camping and RVing for the wildlife and love of the outdoors, these shower curtains will be a great fit.

Cabin Shower Curtain

The country wildlife shower curtain is a black, white, and gray patchwork design featuring bears, moose, antlers, and patterns. It comes in a number of sizes to suit your RV shower, is made of polyester, and is machine washable.

Rustic Tree Shower Curtain

The Rustic Tree shower curtain is truly beautiful and will bring a pop of color into your RV, featuring a forest of multicolored pine trees. This is another shower curtain with a small stall size of 36Wx72L, making it another good fit for an RV shower. There are also larger sizes of 48Wx72L & 71Wx7.

This shower curtain is guaranteed to be Non-vinyl and Non-PEVA which is less toxic to your family.

Forest Landscape Shower Curtain

This beautiful curtain features a stunning image of a deep green forest and mountains. It comes in several dimensions to suit your needs and is free from chlorine and PVC, which means you won’t get that chemical toxic smell when you open the package.

Mountain And Deer Shower Curtain

This is a ""” rel=”nofollow sponsored”>lovely and playful shower curtain, with warm colors and a simple mountain and deer design. It’s a great option if you love simple, clean designs. This curtain is also Nonvinyl, Non-PEVA, and contains no formaldehyde, making this a healthier healthy choice for you and your family.

Retro Rustic Lodge Shower Curtain Set

This rustic-styled shower curtain features designs like arrows, moose, and plaid patterns. Included with this curtain are shower curtain hooks, a shower mat, toilet cover, and toilet mat. It’s a great set that can really give your bathroom a rustic, outdoorsy look.

Adventure Shower Curtains

These adventure-themed shower curtains are sure to inspire a feeling of wanderlust (if you don’t have that already!)

Rustic Farmhouse Camping Fabric Shower

This rustic-styled shower curtain features a simple design that includes the quote ‘the mountains are calling and I must go’. It’s designed with images of wood planks in the shape of mountains that make a very appealing shower curtain to go in your RV. It conveniently comes in an ideal size for your RV at 64″L x 47″W.

Compass Arrow Shower Curtain

This compass arrow shower curtain is black and white with arrows pointing with north, south, west, and east initials. It is a minimalist design but oh so cute! It’s a good size for an RV at 47″ x 64″. It is machine washable in cold water, but don’t put it in the dryer- hang dry only.

Camping Tent With Trees and Mountain Curtain

This shower curtain has a black and white design with a simplistic image of mountains and trees featuring the quote ‘Adventure is waiting’. It is sized at 64″L x 47″W. This curtain is waterproof, dries quickly, and is easy care. Perfect for an RV shower.

Vintage World Map And Compass Shower Curtain

The bright and colorful world map shower curtain features the geographical continents in multicolored pastel colors with the word Wanderlust written in elegant cursive writing. It comes in three sizes so you can choose the one that fits well in your RV shower. This curtain is easy to hang, easy to care for, and includes 12 sturdy hooks.

Retro Camper And Mountains Curtain

This retro camper shower curtain with a fun grey illustration of the mountains with a camper in the forefront with a splash of color in the sun and fire. It’s a really appealing design that brings a little fun to your camper shower. This curtain comes in a range of sizes, is easy to install and clean, and comes with 12 shower curtain hooks.

Practical And Space Saving Shower Curtain

An RV shower curtain list wouldn’t be complete without having a few practical and space-saving options. While these aren’t necessarily the most fashionable curtains, they are incredibly helpful for organizing and adding extra storage space- which is often needed in a camper.

6 Pocket Shower Curtain

This 6 pocket water repellent shower curtain is one to consider if space is limited. It’s very plain but very functional. The mesh pockets are perfect for razors, toys, shampoo or soap bottles, or anything else you could think of! This curtain is made with polyester, easy to care for, machine washable, and all you have to do is hang it to dry.

9 Pocket Shower Curtain

This 9 pocket shower curtain is very similar to the white one above but offers 9 mesh pockets to hold all of your shower essentials, is easy to clean, and is quick drying. It is made with PEVA so spot cleaning with a damp cloth is recommended, not machine washing.


Have a few questions about RV shower curtains? I’ll do my best to answer a few common questions here….

1.Why is it important to have a shower curtain for your RV?

In RV showers there can be a LOT of water spray, especially if you have little ones. Without a shower curtain or glass door, water could spray water all over your bathroom.

In a normal house, this might not matter so much, but in a camper, it certainly does.

Minimizing water spray and after-shower puddles is really important to reduce overall moisture and condensation in your camper. You want to make sure as much water stays in your shower stall as possible.

Even a little bit of excess moisture on the walls, floors, or linens can cause mold and mildew in a small space like a camper, so a good RV shower curtain is a must-have for camper owners.

2.What are the different types of shower curtains that I can use in my RV?

The good news is that many recreational vehicles can use a regular shower curtain as long as they can fit onto your curtain rod, but you will need to make sure the curtain you choose is the right length.

Some are too long for the average RV shower, so you need to make sure to buy a shorter length or manually take it up to stop it from being a tripping hazard, accidentally plugging the shower drain, or getting water all over the floor (which is what you’re trying to avoid). For smaller RVs, or if you find that regular curtains don’t fit right in your camper, you may need to special order a curtain or consider glass shower doors.

3. How do I clean a shower curtain?

Most RV shower curtains can be thrown in the washing machine, but you may need to wash them in cold water (although you should check the washing instructions to be sure).

You can also tumble dry most curtains, but they need to be dried on cool as many are made of polyester. Plastic shower or vinyl shower curtains should not be put in the dryer and should be hung out to dry instead.

4. What is the best way to store a camper shower curtain when not in use?

When you are storing your shower curtain, you need to make sure it is fully dry before packing it away. This ensures no mildew or mold can grow on your curtains and ruin them. Vacuum packing them is a good idea, however, you can just fold them and keep them in a closet, camping cabinet, or storage bin.

5. What are the pros and cons of each type of shower curtain?

Shower curtains are made of different types of materials but there are pros and cons of having them in an RV.

Plastic shower curtains (or vinyl) are a good option as they are a water repellent fabric so it ensures all the water stays in the shower area, however, it can be toxic, especially in small environments like an RV.

A fabric curtain may be an option but keep in mind they are not made from water repellent fabric, could trap moisture, and can contribute to condensation levels in your RV.

6. Can you make your own camper shower curtain?

If you love to DIY, you can easily make a polyester shower curtain by buying a few yards of polyester (or your favorite quick dry fabric) and curtain hooks. Hem up the top of the curtain and the bottom, snap on the curtain clips, and you have a new shower curtain!

Here is a tutorial for ring clip drapes that I think it could work well for a shower curtain too.

And as for where to hang your beautiful DIY creation, a curved rod will give you a spacious feeling if there’s enough space. If space is tight you may want to look into a tension rod.

Tips For Buying A New RV Shower Curtain

  1. Make sure you buy the right size curtain or correct amount of material by measuring the RV shower stall
  2. Check to see if you need a shower curtain liner or not. A regular curtain may or may not need a liner, so be sure to check that before purchasing.
  3. Choose a fast-drying shower curtain or material to reduce moisture in your RV. Fabrics like cotton can be a good choice for a household shower but are not necessarily good for RV life.
  4. Be sure to look at the cleaning instructions as some curtains might not be machine washable.
  5. Don’t forget the shower curtain hooks if needed.
  6. Have fun! Let your style and creativity shine through and create the beautiful RV you’re envisioning!

Last Thoughts About Shower Curtains For Your RV

Choosing the right shower curtain for your RV is actually an important decision. You want to make sure to buy a curtain that fits properly, is made from the least toxic material, will not add to the moisture level in your camper, and be somewhat easy to wash and keep clean (’cause nobody wants to do more laundry or cleaning).

And don’t forget that it needs to match your RV decor!

I hope these shower curtain options have helped to narrow down your choices and made your decision easier.

If you have replaced the curtain in your RV bathroom, I’d love to see it! Feel free to send me a picture- I may even feature it in this article if you’re ok with that 😉

Good luck decorating and happy camping, my friend!

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